Tonex Releases 'Oak Park: 92105' Via iTunes

Controversial recording artist and performer Tonèx recently released his newest project, Oak Park: 92105, exclusively via Internet music store

The first release from Tonèx’s own Nureau Ink label, Oak Park: 92105 is a double album featuring 24 tracks that speak about the artist’s time living and thriving on the streets of San Diego, Calif.

The album is the follow-up to Tonèx’s Gold-selling 2004 release Out the Box, which earned the artist six Stellar Awards and a Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. It also features production from a host of San Diego-based producers as well as Tonèx himself, who gives his special twist of creativity throughout the album.

“People always look for me to come out different,” explains Tonèx. “You never know when it comes to me.”

The first in a large catalogue of material that Tonèx plans to release in the upcoming year, Oak Park: 92105 also carries the distinction of being the first album from a Christian-based artist to carry a Parental Advisory notice, something that Tonèx says is not a result of “cussing” on the record but rather content that “might be a little too deep for children,” according to the artist’s blog.

“No one said anything about the PG-13 Rating (parental Guidance suggested) on Diary of a Mad Black Woman, nor The Passion of the Christ or Woman Thou Art Loosed’s rating of ‘R,’” says Tonèx, who earlier in the posting provided a definition of the word “explicit.”

“The movies weren’t bad,” he adds, “but they felt the need to at least forewarn parents that it wasn’t gonna be a Sunday school lesson movie! Same with this album. Some of the subject matter might be a little too deep for children.”

Upcoming appearances for Tonèx include Tonèx’s “Club Virtue” Syndicated Radio Show in January 2006, BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel television show in February, and Gospel Superfest’s 6th Annual Salute to Black History television program (

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