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Monday, Oct 24, 2016

Top 5 Family-Focused TV Shows

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September 10, 2013|11:13 am

If you're looking for family-friendly TV shows, look no further. Jessica Zbornack is on the case to help you find shows appropriate for all ages!

 "7th Heaven" featured the life of a minister and his wife as they raised their five children and a lot of strangers.

"The Waltons" always managed to put God and family first… and say "good-night" before turning out the lights.

"The Cosby Show" presented a successful, modern family that stood together during the good times and bad.

Who could forget the classic "Little House on the Prairie"?

With Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert as "Half-Pint," life was never dull but full of lessons and love.

The Bullochs may not be a traditional family, but they have huge hearts and, as dad Rusty says, "If your heart is open, there's always room for you" at the "Bulloch Family Ranch."

Most of these shows are still on the air today, whether in re-runs or current seasons.

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