Top Anglican Cleric Defends Christmas, Religious Symbols

The world’s top Anglican cleric urged Christians to stand up for Christmas this holiday season.

According to BBC, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on Sunday warned that “silly bureaucrats” are trying to take religious symbols out of Christmas in fear of offending people of other religions.

"This year there seems to have been even more stories about the banning of Christian images and words by silly bureaucrats,” he said, according to BBC. "It's all because of the idea that our neighbors from other religious traditions will be offended by Christian symbols.”

"The truth is they're usually much happier with the idea of a Christian festival than with some general excuse to have a good time in midwinter,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, his more conservative predecessor, Lord Carey, also defended religious symbolism and said Christianity was integral to British society.

"If you take the Christian faith out of British identity, what have you got left?” he said on GMTV’s Sunday program.

"There is a view around that practicing Christianity and all the symbols that go with it embarrasses people of other faiths; and of course that's nonsense."