Tuesday Night Recap: Greater Augusta Harvest Continues to Attract Thousands

For three nights in a row, the Harvest Crusade in Augusta, Georgia has drawn thousands to the Augusta Civic Center. Participants on Tuesday evening heard messages on faith and eternity and shared worship to popular Christian music.

Last night, guitarist and singer Dennis Agajanian, “the fastest flatpicker in the world," led the Greater Augusta Harvest Crusade worship in a rendition of "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus," Harvest Crusades spokesperson, Laura McGowan told the Post.

As part of the evening, pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie interviewed Ashley Smith, an Augusta native and a local "hero" who became well-known for her daring escape story. She read a passage from The Purpose-Driven Life to a murder suspect when she was held hostage, and caused him to leave her alive. The interview brought the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation, according to McGowan.

An armed murder suspect, Brian Nichols held Smith hostage in her home for seven hours. Smith talked to Laurie of her experience, and how her faith allowed her to live.

Smith said, “I surrendered completely and let God work in the situation. I would not be here if not for Jesus.”

Meanwhile, Greg Laurie presented the message, “How to Be Happy,” highlighting Smith's decision to allow God to be her strength in a time of need, stated McGowan.

" 'God doesn’t want anyone or anything in your life to be more important than Him—material possessions won’t make you happy,' said Laurie. 'You can be a good, moral person who has everything the world can offer, but the only thing that can bring true happiness is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Take your needs to Him.' ”

Hosted by more than 135 churches in the August area, the Greater Augusta Harvest began Sunday, April 17, and concludes this evening.  All events are free and open to the public.  The Greater Augusta Harvest marks the first Harvest Crusade to be held in Georgia, and Harvest will hold a second Georgia event in Athens on Friday, April 22.