Urbana 2006 Moves to St. Louis, Missouri

Recently, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship announced that it would no longer host the Urbana conference at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Though the Urban-Champaign facilities had served the Intervarsity Fellowship well for 50 years, the growing number of attendants each year has strained available resources and space needed to conduct the conference successfully. With the move, the Intervarsity Fellowship hopes to better accommodate and facilitate program and attendance options.

The city of St. Louis was selected for its central location near the Great Lakes. From there, thousands of students throughout the nation could gather to hold conference. So far, Intervarsity has promised that attendance price will decline due to better price options near the location. Intervarsity plans to reserve over 10,000 rooms to house the number of students planning to attend the conference. The 2006 Urbana conference will be held between December 27-31, 2006.

According to Intervarsity sources, the Urbana conference will maintain its central focus, which is to “declare the biblical basis of missions, to call students to God's mission (missio dei), to inform students on the current state of global missions, and to motivate students to participate in global and cross-cultural missions.”

The Urbana conference is held every three years, and attracts thousands of students from all over the world. The hope is to prepare and challenge the heart of the young generation into doing the work that will make differences in other’s lives and thus revealing the Holy Spirit to many people worldwide.