Walk and Lock Your PC

Most of the time we "lock" our computers with password protection to prevent unwanted users from accessing it when we are away. Now, protecting your sensitive information is much easier. The USB Wireless Security Lock acts like a remote garage door opener.

When the user moves more than 2 meters away, the computer instantly locks up, disabling access to the computer. When you return, the computer is back up.

The two key components to the technology are the USB receiver connected to the computer and the round transmitter you carry around. The beauty of such a device is the total removal of direct user action to protect the computer. Simply walking away automatically sets off a wall against unwanted intruders.

If the transmitter is lost or the USB receiver is removed from the computer, the computer can be unlocked through a series of user-selected passwords that only the user knows.

Such a device can save time, eliminating user lockup upon leaving the computer and user password entry upon return.