By Simon Saavedra, Christian Post Correspondent
June 1, 2011|9:18 pm

Marriage plays a big role in the well-being of the U.S. economy, such that sound and stable marriages keep the economy healthy while divorce helps the economy regress, a new report suggests.

The findings released by the Family Research Council's Marriage and Religion Research Institute show how intact married-couple families outperform other family types, including remarried families, divorced families, single-parent families, and cohabiting families, in all of the following economic segments: employment, income, net value, net worth, poverty, receipt of welfare and child economic well-being.

Basically the stats show that the more intact the family remains, the less the difficulties and the inefficiencies the family encounters.

Married-couple families generate the most income with “the median household income twice that of divorced households and four times that of separated households,” reads the report.

Divorced families on the other hand experience a sharp decrease in income after the separation. Divorced women are affected the most as they are 2.83 times more prone to live in poverty than women who remain married.

MARRI Director Pat Fagan, Ph.D, said couples that remain stably married can provide a sound environment where children can be securely fostered while divorce triggers society's reliance on government welfare programs – programs that currently cost tax payers around $112 billion per year.

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“This research clearly documents why marriage is an important and fundamental part of society," Fagan noted.

The research also documents that children who grow up in divorced families are less likely to earn incomes that fall in the top three income distributions and that children who grow up under a single parent are more likely to be poor than children in married-couple families.

"Divorce has torn our nation apart, and led to the bloated government systems we can no longer afford," Fagan wrote. "We cannot solve our nation's fiscal woes until we address the breakdown of the family. If the government pledged to reduce family breakdown by just one percent, taxpayers would save around $1.1 billion dollars each year.”

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