Women of Faith Draws 10,000 to Kansas City

Over 10,000 women turned out for a Women of Faith conference in Kansas City on June 3-4.

Titled "Extraordinary Faith," the conference was hosted by special speakers, Kathy Troccoli (at the Pre-Conference), Chonda Pierce, Jennifer Rothschild and Natalie Grant, whose stories of courage and persistence touched and moved those who were there.

The women came from 12 different states and 178 cities for an eventful weekend. Some of the women wrote to the production team about how much the experience touched them.

"I just returned home from a 5 1/2 hour drive after the Kansas City conference.  Thank you all, for an experience that was life affirming, and faith affirming.  I am refreshed, renewed, empty of tears, tired from laughing, and 'all is well with my soul'.  This event came at a time of many changes in my life, and I feel blessed and able to continue in faith," wrote one woman.

"All 18 of us in attendance felt that a speaker or musician had said something that touched and reached out to them where they were at in their faith journey and felt blessed.  Several mentioned that often you go to these type of conferences and are preached at about what you're doing wrong and what you have to change.  Here they felt validated and relieved to hear others struggle with the same, or more difficult circumstances, yet still felt God's love and blessings too.  The humor, continuous lifting of God's name and musical contributions make the conferences great for all ages, regardless of where you are at with your faith."

A third wrote, "Attending the conferences through the years has made a profound impact on my life. I attended the conference with my five daughters and one daughter in law.  It was the first time we were able to get away together, without the worries of husbands and children and to focus on ourselves.  We were all blessed by each and every speaker.  I thank God for the opportunity to spend that time with my girls, who have said they definitely want to attend the next conference."

The conference broke down barriers as women from different backgrounds joined for a worshipful and healing experience.

"I thought you would like to know that at this weekend’s conference in Kansas City our community of Tonganoxie, KS broke down the barriers of denomination and had a group of 41 women from three different churches present," wrote another.

The production team praise God for the 1,248 who responded at the conference and said "Yes!" to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, 145 women who made first time decisions for Christ at the Pre-Conference event, and the 216 women who chose to partner with World Vision and help suffering children.

"I took a group of 10 to the conference. Only one had ever been to a conference before. We were all overflowing with joy the entire time. During the first praise song of the Pre-Conference, I looked around as tears stung my eyes, only to discover we were all in tears, just so happy to be blessed enough to be there," wrote another woman.