World Vision Providing Support for Romania Flood Victims

One of the largest Christian relief and development organizations in the world has sent relief supplies to communities impacted by the worst flooding in 35 years in north-west Romania. According to reports, heavy rains in western Romania have flooded hundreds of villages, forcing 3,700 people to abandon their homes and disrupting rail and road traffic.

On Friday, World Vision reported that a truck carrying 7 tons of relief supplies arrived in Foeni village, about 125 miles north-west of Bucharest Thursday afternoon. The village is in Timis county – one of the most affected of the 7 impacted counties.

According to the national Defense Supreme Council, around 5,000 homes have been damaged in 145 villages and towns. Bridges and dykes have been destroyed making many roads impassable. Drinking water, telephone and electricity supplies have been cut in some areas.

Currently, World Vision is concentrating its efforts on the Foeni and Uuivar communes, following a survey of affected areas and discussions with the local authorities. These communities can only be reached by helicopter or heavy tractors. Many villagers have been moved to safer areas by army helicopters.

World Vision’s Relief Team Leader, Eugen Borlea said "I have never seen anything like this before. The houses are collapsing before our eyes. I am in a village completely drowned underwater. I can only stay on a small island. People are desperate and wait for help. Little has been done for them so far."

With funds raised by a national telethon, World Vision plans to also reconstruct houses and schools in affected areas. USAID, the relief arm of the United States government also pledged money to assist with food, water and hygiene kits.

Due to constant rains and broken dykes, water levels continue to rise, threatening to expand to other counties and even cover the entire north-west part of the country. Heavy rains are forecast across the country.