World Vision Receives $500,000 More for Manam Project

The New Zealand Agency for International Development signed an agreement recently with one of the largest Christian relief and development organizations in the world for more than US$500,000 worth of additional funding towards food relief.

The agreement, signed on July 7 by New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea will help World Vision's Manam Relief Project to supply food for approximately 10,000 people who were displaced by last December’s volcanic eruption on PNG's Manam Island that claimed at least five lives.

According to World Vision, the needs on the ground are “immense,” with uncertainty about where the displaced people will be permanently settled.

“The contributions by World Vision have been greatly appreciated by the displaced people and the disaster offices, both at provincial and national level,” the organization reported.

The first phase of the project funding was received in December 2004 and activities started in January with the purchase and distribution of 800 sacks of round cabbages. Distributions of sweet potato and tinned fish followed.

“People in Manam said they were grateful to NZAID and World Vision for providing variety to their diets, with the government and other agencies distributing mainly rice and canned tuna since the evacuations took place in November last year,” World Vision reported.

However, the organization acknowledged that the “needs on the ground are immense, with uncertainty about where the displaced people will be permanently settled.”

Currently, the Manam Disaster Relief Program is jointly funded by AUSAID, World Vision Australia, World Vision New Zealand, and NZAID.