World Vision Works to Counter Violence against Children in Lebanon

World Vision Lebanon and Save the Children Sweden have organized a joint initiative to raise awareness on violence against children in Lebanon and study the recommendations and implications of the recently published U.N. study.

More than 50 representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations, as well as Australian ambassador Lyndall Sachs, will also seek to raise awareness for the initiative, which follows a recent conference in Cairo where the Arabic version of the U.N. study was launched.

World Vision has identified violence against children as one of the main problems that affect children in Lebanon.

"We consulted children and they expressed that they suffer too much when they are beaten by their parents, teachers or peers," said Patricio Cuevas-Parra, World Vision Lebanon's advocacy manager.

"World Vision always emphasizes two core messages: violence is preventable and never justifiable, and everyone is responsible to stop violence against children."

World Vision will use the new study as a platform to influence the public and to negotiate with representatives of government, parliament and civil society to ensure that the study's recommendations are taken into consideration in the national agenda.

"Violence is present in all social environments but centers on vulnerable groups such us children," said Cuevas-Parra. "Lebanese children lack the minimum legal frameworks that protect them from violence. Our task is to contribute to policy change by developing a set of legal regulations to prevent and address violence against children."

According to reports, government officials, media, private sector representatives, and the two youth that represented Lebanon in the Cairo conference planned participate in an event for the new initiative that was scheduled to take place on July 26 in Beirut.