By Maverick Russel Flores , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|3:40 am


Dolph Ziggler addressing the crowd as the WWE United States Champion.

A lot of superstars in the WWE are great in terms of work ethic, particularly in the ring. More than just the buildup of an interesting character or storyline, the WWE Universe loves a wrestler who actually knows the art of wrestling.

While fans constantly boo Roman Reigns for his supposed lack of skill, they cheer on Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart for turning matches into technical masterpieces. These men are not Vince McMahon's prototype of the "real" wrestler, but they make do with agility and an impressive move set.

Not fitting McMahon's blueprint, despite having all the skill in the world, can put a superstar behind the bigger and more muscular Reigns, Cena or The Rock. This is why a lot of talent is deprived of the coveted push—Dolph Ziggler for example. However, it seems WWE Creative has big plans for him next year, particularly a stable of his own.

Show-off struggles

Ziggler last held gold in 2013 when he cashed in Money in the Bank to beat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. When his entrance music played right after Del Rio's match on Monday Night Raw, fans erupted into a huge pop which became even louder when Ziggler pinned Del Rio for the belt.

However, his reign was cut short by a concussion; and since that run, Ziggler struggled to climb back up the top tier. He had reclaimed some of his luster in the past few months, getting a WWE Championship opportunity against Dean Ambrose. The problem was he lost to Ambrose in a disappointing match.

The Show-off is now involved in an interesting feud with The Miz, who had been doing his best heel work so far. Ziggler, however, has yet to get a win out of the rivalry, despite pulling off impressive performances. In fact, former WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page believes that the 35-year-old veteran's technical prowess and athleticism should have earned him a proper push from the company.

Real-life wrestling

Ziggler might finally get the recognition he deserves as a leader of new stable planned in 2017. A "shooters club" faction is reportedly in the works next year. A shoot, in WWE lingo, is a wrestling move that makes real contact as what happens in athletic competitions and not in sports entertainment.

Ziggler will be joined by returning WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin and Jack Swagger. All of the three have shoot wrestling experience. And with WWE allowing Brock Lesnar to throw stiff (real) punches and elbows, this is a very possible take on Ziggler's character. However, he would have to wait for Benjamin to return any time next year from injury.