By Maverick Russel Flores , CP Contributor
September 22, 2016|10:22 pm

Matt Hardy FACEBOOK/WWE India

Matt Hardy portrays his "Broken" character on TNA.

WWE has had a lot of interesting characters in the past, and Matt Hardy is definitely one of them. The athletic bruiser was a perfect partner for his brother Jeff, who was one of the most exciting high-flying acts in sports entertainment. Together, they formed the Hardy Boyz and brought home the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Hardys were very controversial figures in the industry. Matt had one of his best runs in a real-life feud with Edge and Lita, capitalized on by WWE for storyline purposes. Jeff, meanwhile, was also locked in a real-life and kayfabe feud with CM Punk, pitting Jeff's drug problems with Punk's "straight-edge" gimmick.

The brothers are past their WWE careers and have become the faces of TNA, launching their characters into viral status. Their huge fame, in fact, looks to have lured the WWE into the prospect of one final run for the decorated team.

Broken Matt Returning to WWE?

Matt's success over the past months is attributed to the character he himself created: "Broken" Matt Hardy. The psychopath persona mercilessly targeted his brother Jeff, whom he called "Brother Nero". As the supposed rightful owner of the Hardy name, he wants to delete his brother from existence. This was the context of their viral segment, The Final Deletion.

However, they have recently teamed up to fight against the Decay. The storyline turned into another big segment, Delete or Decay.

Their triumphant character makeovers may have attracted WWE and Triple H into signing them again, reportedly sending feelers to the former 12-year WWE superstar. Matt's contract with TNA expires in spring.

That said, Jeff's contract is also expiring on February and he said he wanted a final WrestleMania match vs. The Undertaker. If lucky, the company could get both guys to boost their tag team division.

Worth it?

The Hardy Boyz, however, may want to reconsider the tradeoffs. Matt is currently allowed to make his own schedules, and, as a result, thrives in the independent scene. More importantly, he has full creative control of his character.

The Hardys had been brilliant so far in executing their storyline. But WWE would most probably take the reins on their angles should they sign a contract. WWE had ruined a lot of good wrestling angles and characters in the past and this could be another one.

However, the Hardy Boyz are veteran blood. The Raw tag team scene looks failing compared to the SmackDown Live division. They might need some experience to bring glory back to the red brand.