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Yellowstone Bison Charges After Kids Get Too Close (VIDEO)

Yellowstone Bison Charges After Kids Get Too Close (VIDEO)

A young boy was chased by a bison in Yellowstone National Park after a group ventured too close to the wild animal, ignoring signs of agitation exhibited by the beast.

A video of the encounter was posted on YouTube and shows that it could have ended with serious injuries, but luckily, everyone was able to walk away unscathed.

During the video, the man holding the camera can be heard commenting that the bison looked agitated. As a group of tourists approach the bison, he can be seen and heard snorting, shaking his head and grunting.

After several moments pass, the bison suddenly takes off and chases a young boy in a circle around some trees.

"This is a wild place, and these are wild animals," Al Nash, a Yellowstone spokesman's, told KXLH. He added: "They are bigger than you, and the only person who can look out for your safety is you."

Nash further explained that the closest safe distance to bison or elk is 25 yards at a minimum, cautioning that other animals such as bears and wolves should be viewed no less than 100 yards away, which is the length of a football field.

Andrea Jones, spokeswoman for Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks, explained that all visitors should be aware of some basic signs to look for if a bison is agitated or not.

She stated that if a bison is stomping, snorting, shaking his head, or if his tail is straight up or curled like a "question mark" above its back, parkgoers should proceed with caution.

The West Montana Chamber, which posted the video on its Facebook page, stated that visitors to the park should always respect the wildlife.

"Yellowstone is an incredible place that allows us all to experience wildlife in a way that can you can no where in the world. But, it is also a place where safety rules, regarding wildlife and thermal features, are so important to follow," the group posted.


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