ZigOn The Succession of a Philosophy

On a recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to address corporate executives on the truths I have been sharing for more than 50 years. It was one of those East meets West moments that cause you to reflect on your own journey and its impact on the lives of those that embraced the philosophy. Accompanying me on this trip was Krish Dhanam, who came to (Ziglar Training Systems) many years ago to work in our telesales department. In India, I got to see what he talks about when he compares the two democracies and brags on The American Dream.

The goal of our visit was to launch our training programs in India and showcase the succession of a philosophy as well as its application in any global setting. While I was able to share the principles in a seminar setting, I was watching the raw emotion of a young man whom I have had the privilege of mentoring for almost 14 years. He had come full circle in this pursuit. Though I had heard his story many times, I never fully grasped what it meant for Krish to have me in India. Amidst tears of joy over dinner, he explained, that this was the fulfillment of his heart's desire from the day when he first sat in my seminar on January 26, 1989, in Irving, TX. He had waited 16 years for his dream to become a reality. I had the opportunity to validate his efforts in front of the people he had left to come to America almost two decades earlier.

When Krish joined our team he got busy and stayed busy. He immersed himself in our philosophy-studied our books, listened to the recordings, and implemented our guidelines. He was and is eager to grow. Krish never felt anything we asked him to do, regardless of what it was, was beneath him, nor did he balk at accepting assignments he felt were too tough or outside his experience. He was excited about the growth opportunity, prepared for the task, and did a great job. To date he has represented us with effectiveness in 31 countries, is in charge of our international efforts, does all our diversity training, and writes some of our training programs. He is a key member of our team. We gave him an opportunity-he did the rest.

The purpose of this article is to showcase what buying into a philosophy can do for a life. I have often said that legal immigrants leave a lot to pursue the American Dream. I have now seen first-hand where Krish came from and realized afresh and anew how blessed we are to live in a land of such abundance and prosperity. A land where our freedoms provide us a vision of hope and opportunity unparalleled anywhere else on God's green earth.

The journey has one more significant part and that is the other reason for writing this article. Krish has chronicled the See You at the Top philosophy into a brand new book called The American Dream from an Indian Heart. I encourage you to read the principles that allowed an immigrant to help himself to the American Dream which has always been there and will always be there for those who want it.