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Your 'Aha' Moment With God Is Essential

No one knows God simply by virtue of being alive. It takes an "aha" moment so to speak. It requires divine revelation, which brings about an understanding of grace and salvation. This is how a person is welcomed into the family of God.

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  • Millennial Female Discovers Natural Family Planning's Surprise Comeback

    Chelsen Vicari

    In preparation for my upcoming marriage, I have set out researching deeper into Fertility Awareness Methods or more commonly called Natural Family Planning, a birth control method based on the natural observation of signs and symptoms of a woman's ovulation cycle. No chemicals. No treatments. No devices.

  • The Many Lies of Abortion

    Mark Creech

    Every year during the month of January, churches along with many other pro-lifers across America reaffirm their commitment to the sanctity of human life. As Father Ted Bobosh has so eloquently stated, "We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal even from their mother's wombs. All are deserving of a chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We consider this a fundamental American vision for humanity."

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  • Beware of the Emptiness of 'Superhero Sermons'

    mike brooks

    Many of the current blockbusters being developed and produced by Hollywood involve or revolve around superheroes. The popularity of this genre and its films among the masses is undeniable. What is not so clear is what specifically produces this popularity.

  • Calvinist Evangelicals In a United Methodist Church!

    Mark D. Tooley

    Last evening in Washington, D.C. I was walking by an old United Methodist sanctuary and heard uncharacteristic music emanating from the windows. Curiosity drove me inside, where I was surprised to see a full congregation of almost all twenty-something's singing fulsomely as a band performed behind the altar.

  • What Yemen Chaos Means for Christians

    David Curry Open Doors USA

    Events this past week in Yemen have raised new questions from policy makers and pundits on the reach of extremists in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. Complicating the situation is that, as in past situations in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Iraq, there is a muddled political response from the West that makes the situation hard to understand.

  • How Bible-Minded Are You?

    Roy Peterson American Bible Society

    Across this country thousands of Americans read the Bible each day. They read it to connect with God and as a source of inspiration, hope, encouragement and entertainment. Each city and state is home to people who believe the Bible to be a source of truth and an essential guide to life. At the same time, people who adamantly oppose the Bible also make their homes in cities across the country.

  • How to Live Without Frustration

    Joyce Meyer

    We all go through times of frustration in our lives. Frustration happens when we're trying to do something in our own strength – something that only God can do through His grace in us. My personal definition of grace is "God's power made available to us free of charge, enabling us to do with ease what we could never do on our own with any amount of struggle or effort." The truth is, our human effort can never bring the changes that God's amazing grace can bring.

  • In Redeeming Racial Relationships, It Matters How We Look

    Paul de Vries portrait

    This is deeply encouraging, because Gospel-teaching churches must take bold Biblical leadership on the present American racial scene for there to be real progress. The very institutions that remain so embarrassingly segregated on Sunday mornings can become the brightest, exemplary beacons of light for racial justice and reconciliation going forward. This is also a personal passion; racial social justice has been a constant and costly major theme of my life and ministry.


  • Radical Islamic Jihadism: A Mortal Threat to Western Civilization

    Make no mistake, the radical Islamic jihadist terrorist attacks in Paris strike at the very heartbeat of Western Civilization, namely freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion. These freedoms are essential and priceless values of Western Civilization. In fact, the belief that freedom of speech is cherished as a universal right was enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 19 of which declares, "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression."

  • Racial Reconciliation and the Gospel: How We Can Exorcize the Ghosts of the Past

    No matter how one might feel personally about the precise nature of these two individual incidents in Missouri and New York City, the undeniable reality is that when black Americans and white Americans view them through such contrasting lenses, we still have a serious rift in the nation's social fabric.

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