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After the Election, What Is to Become of Evangelicals?

Nearly two thirds of self-identified white evangelical voters in America continue to support the overtly racist, misogynistic, and religiously bigoted presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Whether or not these citizens consider themselves to be pro-life with regard to abortion, it is clear that theirs is not in the first place a politics concerned with the dignity of all human persons, as being created in the image of God. What, then, is to be done by evangelicals?

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  • 'Fact-Checking' America

    Donald Trump

    In light of last week's presidential debate in St. Louis and Hillary Clinton's assertion that "millions" would be "fact-checking" the many statements made by the candidates who would lead this country, I decided to join the legions of fact-checkers and here's what I discovered:

  • Decrying Democratic 'Christophobia' Is Overblown and Hypocritical

    Eric Sapp

    Last week, Russian hackers released private emails between John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri (both of whom are Catholic) from when they worked at the Center for American Progress. In the emails, Halpin and Palmieri criticize conservatives like Rupert Murdoch for promoting views Halpin said represented a bastardization of his Catholic faith.

  • Freedom to Disagree at Risk in This Election

    Jerry Newcombe

    If you care about the freedom-to-disagree in America, keep your eyes on the gubernatorial election in the Tar Heel state. In "North Carolina Governor could lose election over bathroom bill" (, 10/9/16), Dana Millbank writes, "North Carolina's Republican governor, Pat McCrory, was a good bet for reelection earlier this year …. Since then, McCrory's fortunes have been, well, in the toilet."

  • The Shirt Read, 'Shoot The Police'

    Shane Idleman

    Stunned, I contemplated what I had read. Just days after Sergeant Owen in Lancaster, California, was brutally killed, a young high schooler was photographed at a local high school wearing a shirt that read, "Shoot the Police." Emotions surfaced from anger to sadness.

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  • Secret Sin Will Devour You

    matt moore

    I am convinced that sin takes its most vigorous and incapacitating form as it festers in secrecy. When a Christian shields his sins from others and outwardly portrays himself to be more whole and stable than he truly is — this Christian is in the direst of predicaments.

  • InterVarsity Now Paying the Price for Mixed Message on Homosexuality

    Michael Brown

    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is one of the leading campus ministries, and its publishing arm, InterVarsity Press, is one of the top Christian publishers. But this fine ministry is learning the hard way that, when it comes to homosexuality, you cannot straddle the fence.

  • Ask Chuck: Blowing a $4 Million Inheritance?

    Chuck Bentley

    Dear Chuck, I read a story recently in the Washington Post about a frugal librarian who drove an old car, carried his lunch, and spent next to nothing on himself, making it possible for him to save $4 million that he donated to the school he loved, the University of New Hampshire, upon his death. But now there is a bit of controversy about how the money is being spent.

  • Hope for Those Battling Cancer

    June Hunt

    I'll never forget the doctor's words … "You have cancer." He delivers these words matter-of-factly as I sit on the examining table — absolutely stunned. My mind begins to race. But ... Friday I have a three-day conference in Baltimore ... and next Monday I have to be in New York City. I don't have time for surgery!

  • Bringing Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism Together

    Joseph D'souza

    In a recent meeting discussing the future of Islam in Britain, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a prominent lawyer and the first Muslim woman appointed to a U.K. Cabinet, expressed her deep belief in Britain's need to return to its Christian roots.

  • To Both the Compromiser and the Legalist: REPENT!

    Shane Idleman

    Popular opinion says that because we are "no longer under law, but under grace" (Romans 6:14) our choices are no longer bound to the law...the "thou shalt nots" no longer apply; we have complete freedom. But this twisting of the truth attempts to justify sin.


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