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  • New Os Guinness Book Is a Manifesto for Our Moment

    os guinness

    Once in a while, a book comes along that reminds me of those "you are here" labels on hiking maps. I want to tell you about such a book, and how it can reorient you,

  • Support Obama's UN Resolution on Nuclear Testing

    Galen Carey

    The Soviet Union and the Cold War now seem like ancient history, but many of the weapons that were produced decades ago during that conflict inexplicably remain on hair trigger alert and still threaten us all. Whether they are exploded by computer error, human miscalculation, terrorists or mad men, the result would be an end of life as we know it.

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  • Can Intellect Compete With Sports?

    Jesus Christ the Redeemer

    NBC's Olympic coverage featured stirring stories of athletes who, from very young ages, aspired to be Olympians; some even drew pictures of themselves winning gold medals.

  • Ryan Lochte Kerfuffle Underscores Need for Self-Control

    Ryan Lochte

    How much discipline and self-control must it take to be able to compete in the Olympics? It must take years of sacrifice and choosing the best over the good. Denying yourself in terms of what you eat. Forcing yourself time and again to exercise, whether you feel like it or not.

  • Ryan Lochte: Don't Lie to Your Mom

    Ryan Lochte

    Ryan Lochte is in a world of hurt. One expert estimates he will lose between five to ten million dollars in endorsement money. Most people will not earn that much money in their entire lifetime. How did he get into such a mess? He lied to his mother.

  • When God Calls You to Discomfort

    matt moore

    God has a longstanding habit of calling those he loves into difficult situations. He called Abraham to leave his home and wander around in foreign lands among strangers who, as far as he knew, might kill him on sight.


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