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Can the IRS Help You Fund Your Christmas Budget?

I'm worried about how to cover the costs of Christmas. I know I should have been saving through the year, and I have some money set aside but do you have some suggestions on how to get some resources together to have more money available over the holidays?

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  • Human Trafficking Fueled by Evil, Not Climate Change

    Elizabeth Yore

    Climate alarmists constantly revise their language in search of a catchy phrase that captures, and obscures, our reason and will. Hence, "catastrophic, anthropogenic (manmade) global warming" (CAGW—clear and specific) morphs into "global warming" (vague), which morphs into "climate change" (more vague).

  • 4 Reflections on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Michael Brown

    Many Christians are torn between a desire to help those in need and a desire to keep our nation secure. Perhaps these reflections will prove helpful as we seek to navigate a difficult and divisive issue.

  • Obama Needs a Reality Check

    Ken Connor

    Speaking to ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the President said that the goal of containing ISIS had been achieved. Not 12 hours later, the world watched in shock and horror as ISIS conducted several coordinated attacks across Paris, killing 129 and wounding hundreds more.

  • Paris Aftermath: Where Do We Place Out Trust?

    John stonestreet

    We westerners tend to think that the world should work the way we want it to. But when it doesn't, then what? Here are some lessons from Paris.

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  • Giving Thanks for Rescue Dogs, Indoor Plumbing and John 3:16

    Susan Stamper Brown

    It's almost Thanksgiving. The fireplace inside crackles while the snow outside falls, painting an exceptionally-Alaskan scene as I write, also reminding me that this is also the time of year I receive correspondence from thoughtful people asking how a particular American hero, a man who gave up his youth to serve this great nation under four presidents, is doing.

  • Thank Your Way to a Good Attitude

    dan delzell opinion page

    You didn't choose your parents or the color of your skin. And you didn't choose your DNA. But you can choose your attitude. You get to choose everyday whether to grumble and complain, or to give thanks instead. And it's encouraging to know that you can literally thank your way to a good attitude.

  • Thanksgiving Doesn't Have to Look Like a Martha Stewart Book

    Marina Slayton

    My husband and I didn't grow up with many holiday traditions. I was lucky to get a cold turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving and his family didn't celebrate Christmas at all. But we just had our first child, and we want him (and his hoped for siblings) to have wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas memories. How should we start building those traditions? Thank you so much by the way…I really love your column.

  • Will We Teach the True Story of Thanksgiving?

    Lisa Sharon Harper

    Thanksgiving. That word holds profound meaning for Americans, most of it nostalgic. I remember in grade school when our classes would present Thanksgiving pageants that retold the story of Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving: I Hate to Entertain, but Everyone Expects It

    Marina Slayton

    Parent Question: I have a full time job and I really don't like to cook and entertain. But everyone expects me to do all the heavy lifting for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Frankly my home isn't that clean most of the year – but I hate to entertain if the home isn't at least presentable. I feel that I fall short of expectations – especially at the holidays. Sometimes I just feel totally overwhelmed. How can I make it less stressful and more successful - for me and for everyone else?

  • 5 Problems With Church Programs

    Thom Rainer

    Writing this post may be one of the dumbest things I've ever done. I am the president of the world's largest Christian resource company, and I'm talking about the problems with church programs.


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  • America's Slouch Towards Gomorrah, March to Socialism Can't Continue

    Washington politicians have been selling us that snake oil for as long as we can remember. And yet year-after-year, election-after-election, the parties in power may change but the results stay the same—the Washington Cartel wins and the American people lose.

  • We Went to See the Syrian Refugees, This Is What We Found

    We weren't planning to get involved in the Syrian refugee struggle, but when the crisis became world news, we packed our family into our minivan and drove roughly 2,000 miles from Estonia to help. What we saw there changed our lives.

  • 'Woman of the Year' Caitlyn Jenner Has XY Chromosomes and a Penis

    Recently Glamour magazine, you know the one that gathers dust in nail salons across America, held their annual Woman of the Year awards ceremony. Drum roll please. … And the 2015 winner is Caitlyn Jenner. (Stunned silence ensues as women all over the nation throw up their hands in surrender.)

  • 'Please, Take My Child,' She Begged

    I will never forget walking the streets of Port-au-Prince, hand-in-hand with my daughter, and being approached by a Haitian mother with a young child on her hip. "Please, please, oh please," she begged me, "Please, take my child with you."

  • Davey And Amanda Blackburn: 3 Things I'm Praying For

    I woke up this morning to find that arrests had been made in regards to the murder of Amanda Blackburn.

  • Why Darwinism Can't Explain Religion

    Is faith in God just a holdover from our evolutionary past? That's what some scientists are saying, but their explanations are more like science fiction.

  • Why Some Churches Choose to Die

    The conversation surprised me. I was recently meeting with about a dozen members of a church that was on the precipice of closing. During their perceived "good old days," the average worship attendance was in the 40s and 50s. Now the church attendance was in the teens. The church was on metaphorical life support.