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  • Common Core Could Be a Problem for Hillary Clinton

    Stanley Kurtz

    Which presidential candidate is most likely to be tripped up by their position on the Common Core? Jeb Bush comes to mind, of course. Yet the candidate whose support for Common Core could be most personally perilous—and most consequential for the larger 2016 race—is Hillary Clinton.

  • Taxes: It's Only Money, But It's God's Money In Your Care

    Susan Stamper Brown

    It is tax week 2015. If you completed your tax return on time and wrote that check you'd much rather leave in your account, why not pour yourself a cup of coffee and plop yourself down in your favorite easy chair and sit a spell. You deserve it.

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  • A Millennial's March for Marriage

    Marriage March

    More than ever before, this year's March for Marriage is centered on protecting God's design for one man and one woman marriage, as well as defending the religious liberty of those who hold that conviction.

  • 'Like a Good Neighbor' Jesus Is There

    dan delzell opinion page

    You have probably seen the State Farm commercials. People who find themselves in a precarious situation simply speak a magic mantra to summon their insurance genie: "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." And poof, an agent is instantly teleported to their exact location. The commercial concludes, "State Farm agents are there whenever you need them."


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