Living Responsibly and Replacing Obamacare

P. J. O'Rourke, the libertarian author and humorist, made a side comment in a recent interview in which he offered three criteria by which to assess public policy proposals; does the policy promote the dignity of the individual, does it enhance the liberty of the individual, and does it encourage the individual to live a responsible life?

Sorry, Working Moms Actually Don't 'Do It All'

The viral video of Professor Robert Kelly and his family has produced quite the range of opinions from armchair commentators. Some have been hilarious, others rather wise, and plenty uncalled for. Yet there's one common refrain being recycled should be put to bed once and for all.

'God Is Transgender' Is Blasphemy

It's bad enough when misguided citizens, those sunk deeply in the muck and mire of worldly values, come out against what's clearly an irrevocable law of nature. But it's nothing less than a scandal that reaches heaven itself when clergy do it in God's name.

Why Trump and Congress Should Maintain Foreign Aid

Amidst the partisan debates on Capitol Hill, a small but important part of the federal budget always receives bipartisan cooperation because it's about American jobs, American economic growth, and keeping America safe... and because it's about our faith.

Should Conservative American Christians Be Alarmists?

"Alarmist" has become the newest label given to any conservative Christian who raises concerns about the current trajectory of the culture in general or churches in particular. Like other labels — fundamentalist, theocrat, reconstructionist — the word itself is now used as a slur, and once deployed, the user feels no need to justify the accuracy of their claim.

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