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  • Perceptions Versus Facts: Who Cares about the Middle Class?

    Janice Shaw Crouse

    In a new national survey, the Pew Research Center reports an ironic public perception: Democrats are viewed, in general, more favorably than Republicans, while the same survey indicates that the public agrees more with the Republicans on certain particular issues.

  • The Lessons of Hillary Clinton's Secrecy

    Stanley Kurtz

    We now know that Hillary Clinton evaded government record keeping and jeopardized national security by using a private email account while Secretary of State. Troubling as this incident is, it points to larger and more disturbing lessons about the woman who may become our next president.

  • CPAC's Skewed Presidential Poll and Other Oddities of the Convention

    Rachel Alexander

    I attended the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend, and as usual, it ended with a much hyped but slanted presidential straw poll. Alternative conservative Rand Paul came in first place, followed by Scott Walker, then Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush.

  • Watchdog Group AFA Releases Anti-Christian Bigotry Map

    Matt Barber

    The Mississippi-based American Family Association (AFA) has developed and released a tremendous resource for the fair-minded American public. It's an interactive "Anti-Christian bigotry map," which identifies "more than 200 groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith."

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  • Brandon Heath on the Power of Christian Summer Camp: Finding Community, Challenge and God

    Brandon Heath

    As a high school student, I'd heard stories from friends about camp — staying up late, eating s'mores around a fire, zip lining through the trees. So when the leaders of a club I'd been attending suggested I spend a week at camp the following summer, I wasn't sure what camp was exactly, but it sounded fun — and I was in.

  • The Incarcerated Church

    Chelsen Vicari

    It is tempting to neglect incarcerated Christians in America. Labeled as lost causes, we justify our lack of attention to the needs of these brothers and sisters in Christ because of the public punishment they serve for their past wrongdoings. Thank goodness this is not the attitude of Jesus Christ.


  • Was the Apostle Paul a Misogynist?

    In the modern world many people rather casually assume, or assert, that the Apostle Paul was a misogynist based upon his teachings concerning the differing roles of men and women in the church and in marriage in the early church.

  • Radical Islamic Jihadism: A Mortal Threat to Western Civilization

    Make no mistake, the radical Islamic jihadist terrorist attacks in Paris strike at the very heartbeat of Western Civilization, namely freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion. These freedoms are essential and priceless values of Western Civilization. In fact, the belief that freedom of speech is cherished as a universal right was enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 19 of which declares, "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression."

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  • 5 Myths That May Destroy America

    In 1986, Erwin Lutzer, wrote an incredible article titled, "The Myths that Could Destroy America." The article is more relevant today than ever. Moreover, the ten myths Lutzer named when he wrote the piece are in full blossom now. This author cannot mention them all, but will speak of five. Make no mistake, these myths are as foolish and baseless in fact as the assertion Romulus and Remas were raised by a wolf.

  • Was the Apostle Paul a Misogynist?

    In the modern world many people rather casually assume, or assert, that the Apostle Paul was a misogynist based upon his teachings concerning the differing roles of men and women in the church and in marriage in the early church.

  • An Ex Call Girl's Take on Fifty Shades of Grey

    I first encountered the BDSM lifestyle when I received a request from my escort agency to fill a call for a dominatrix role. The phone girl didn't have anyone to fill this request and asked if I would do it.

  • Netanyahu Is Clear on His Identity, but Who Is Barack Obama?

    Now we know who Netanyahu is – if we didn't before. However, after six years of the Obama presidency, many still ask: Who is Barack Obama?

  • ISIS Captures Christians: Piece By Piece, Middle Eastern Christianity Is Being Shattered

    Still reeling from last week's news of the Islamist beheading of 21 Coptic Christian migrant workers in Libya, Middle Eastern Christians were again targeted by a large scale Islamist terror attack with thousands of victims Monday, in Syria. Islamic State jihadists laid siege to a string of Christian Assyrian villages, along the Khabour River, in northeastern Syria, kidnapping or killing scores of residents.

  • Evangelical Christians and Israel: Challenging the Notion of Friendship Between These 'Best Friends'

    True friendship is about mutual respect and recognition. It seems to me that the relationship between many U.S. Evangelicals and Israel is one-sided. Why do I say that?

  • How Do I Stand Up to Marijuana, Gay and Radical Islamic Propaganda?

    In cities across America, advocates of the well-funded and well-organized "Yes we Cannabis!" movement are in full swing. So too are the proponents of "Marriage Equality Through Same-sex Unions" and "Islam is a Religion of Peace" promoters.