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  • How Can We Be Sure We Are Raising Good Children? (Part 1)

    Marina Slayton

    We see so many examples of kids going 'bad' — even from 'good' homes. Some of our friends who have older children are now dealing with big problems … or even outright disasters. Our kids are still very young and we want to raise them up to be strong and courageous and to stand for what is right and good. How can we best do that?

  • What Improv Comedy Can Teach Us About Evangelism

    John Crilly

    Have you ever experienced improv comedy? It feels like chaos! Chicago is the home to the most influential comedy theatre in the world, Second City. From the elevated train running through Chicago, you can read billboards advertising the Second City Improv class: "Because Everyone's A Comedian."

  • What Richard Mouw Gets Right, and Dan Delzell Gets Wrong, About Mormonism

    Bryan E. Ready

    The title of Pastor Dan Delzell's recent article, "Richard Mouw Gets Mauled by Mormonism," could just as easily been entitled, "Most Christians Are Going to Hell."

  • How Much Does God Want Us to Keep?

    Rob West

    The American dream is often described in terms of attaining a certain lifestyle. The nice house. The fancy car. The attractive spouse. The adorable children. And once that lifestyle is achieved, the dream expands. Maybe it now includes an annual trip abroad. And a golf club membership. And a bigger diamond ring. You get the idea.


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  • Boycott Target Over Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

    Should we boycott companies that support LGBT activism? Well, if we decided to boycott every company that did, it would be almost impossible to live and function in America today.

  • Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play a Gay Wedding?

    I agree with Bruce Springsteen who cancelled his concert in my adopted home state of North Carolina because he objected to HB2 (the bathroom law).

  • How Christians Should Respond to Apple, Disney, NFL, NBA

    Are you offended by the recent spate of companies opposing the right of Americans to exercise freedom of conscience? Indiana, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri and Arkansas have come under sharp attack from Apple, Disney, the NFL, and the NBA, among others.

  • 7 Myths About Forgiveness

    One of the scariest verses in all of Scripture has to be Matthew 6:14–15, where Jesus said, "For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."

  • The Media's Epiphany With Porn

    Christians have been warning for decades that pornography is destructive and addictive. Well, mainstream news outlets seem to have finally caught on.

  • 7 Ways Church Members Should Prepare for a Sermon

    What if church members began their own form of sermon preparation?

  • Chaos Over Where to Potty in an XX-XY World

    We live in a country where people think it's okay for has-been rock stars to cancel concerts because of their beliefs but it's not okay for bakers, florists and photographers to do the same.