Daniel Lusko

John Luther and Me: What Celebrity Preachers and Movies Have in Common

One of the most fascinating such screenings came when I recently screened the film for a man who had once been described as one of the nation's foremost up and coming religious leaders before quitting his burgeoning ministry and simply dropping off of the map – not because of a Jimmy Swaggart type scandal but simply because he had tired of the life of a celebrity preacher.

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  • Despite Big Challenges, Conservatives Will Continue to Fight

    Star Parker

    The recent upset victory by Republican candidate David Jolly for the open seat in Florida's 13th congressional district, a district carried by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, has produced a rush of excitement in Republican circles.

  • Reassure the Poles? Send Biden!

    Ken Blackwell

    With Vladimir Putin's seeming success in rolling over Crimea and pushing aside the Ukrainians, President Obama is talking tough. And, though Ukraine is not a member of NATO, Poland, the Baltic States, Hungary and the Czech Republic are. They need some shoring up. So Mr. Obama has sent Vice President Joe Biden to reassure the Poles.

  • Obama and the Churches of Saudi Arabia

    Nina Shea

    When President Obama visits Saudi Arabia next week, he will have an opportunity to follow through on his inspiring words at the Feb. 6. National Prayer Breakfast. There, he told thousands of Christian leaders that "the right of every person to practice their faith how they choose" is central to "human dignity," and so "promoting religious freedom is a key objective of U.S. foreign policy."

  • Why the Media Doesn't Cover Jihadist Attacks on Middle East Christians

    Raymond Ibrahim

    The United Nations, Western governments, media, universities, and talking heads everywhere insist that Palestinians are suffering tremendous abuses from the state of Israel. Conversely, the greatest human rights tragedy of our time—radical Muslim persecution of Christians, including in Palestinian controlled areas—is devotedly ignored.

  • The Power of the Gay Female Republican of Faith

    Ashley Rooney

    As an LGBT person of faith who believes in liberty and individualism, I can say that the tale that Democrats hold the key to happiness for LGBT people is hogwash; liberals want LGBT people to wave the rainbow flag but only if they tone down the red band of color that stands atop the flag.

  • Michelle Obama Kisses White House Pastry Chef Goodbye

    Crystal Wright

    White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is throwing in the cookies and cream for a more healthful job in New York thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama's green tooth. Apparently, Michelle's obsession with the White House garden rubbed off on him.

  • 2016 GOP Presidential Update: A New Name at the Top

    jeb bush

    In our first ranking of the very large and very unsettled 2016 Republican presidential field back in April of last year, we decided to not even include the name of one of the brightest stars in the GOP universe: Jeb Bush. We just didn't think, at the time, that the former Florida governor and brother and son of presidents was all that interested in running.

  • Rand Paul's Vision for a More Inclusive GOP

    Michael Brown

    In an effort to expand his party's base of support, Senator Rand Paul is urging fellow-Republicans "to find a place for young people and others who don't want to be festooned by" issues like "traditional marriage."

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  • The Noah Movie: To See or Not to See?

    Brian Godawa

    With all the controversy surrounding the new Noah movie, many Christians, Jews, and Muslims are wondering whether they should go see the movie that was directed by atheist Darren Aronofsky and stars Russell Crowe in the lead role as the sacred mariner.

  • Pension Reform Will Protect State Retirees and Our Financial Future

    Cameron Smith

    In January, the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) released its Comprehensive Annual Financial Reform (CAFR) for the 2013 fiscal year. The report was received with little fanfare. During an election year, no politician wants to run afoul of the RSA and the billions it invests in Alabama.


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