New york garner protest
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Racism Bad, But Lawlessness Worse

Racism is an egregious sin when committed. But greater still, no matter the race, is the sin of him who will not govern himself and demands that he be served rather than to serve.

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  • Can a Person Be Gay and Still Be a Christian?

    Shane Idleman

    Many "Christians" are now suggesting that those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle can live in harmony with biblical Christianity. And more and more Evangelicals with gay children are challenging the church to rethink its position. But can we re-think truth?

  • ISIS: Prelude to Apocalypse


    Masada stands as a stark testimonial to a chapter in history most thought would never happen again. The scope of Roman savagery is a study in the fallen nature of godless, corrupt tyrants who have no regard for human life.

  • A Financial Future Fraught with Tension

    Ken Connor

    The impending retirement wave of Baby Boomers and its impact on American society is something that the Center for a Just Society has been discussing for several years. The issue of a rapidly aging society combined with a rapidly shrinking worker base may not be a sexy topic, but it's an extremely important one that will impact society for generations to come.

  • Five Most Common Ways Churches Determine Pastors' Salaries

    Thom Rainer

    There has been considerable interest on my previous posts dealing with pastors' salaries. One of the most common questions that I am asked is: "How do churches determine the salary of a pastor?"

  • 10 Concerns of Young Church Leaders

    I have previously posted here about what we older leaders need to hear from young church leaders, but I continue to learn from them and about them. They are passionate, energetic, globally minded, committed . . . and concerned. Here are some of their concerns we must consider:

  • Benjamin Watson and Sin Versus Skin: Ferguson, New York and Our Home

    The events surrounding Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, and Darren Wilson's plight and resignation, constantly pound reminders of Joe Martin's trial in to my head. Because I was one of the jurors in the Joe Martin trial, it's my visceral connection to one of democracy's primary questions, "What is justice?"


  • Racial Reconciliation and the Gospel: How We Can Exorcize the Ghosts of the Past

    No matter how one might feel personally about the precise nature of these two individual incidents in Missouri and New York City, the undeniable reality is that when black Americans and white Americans view them through such contrasting lenses, we still have a serious rift in the nation's social fabric.

  • The Tax Code Is Public Policy

    Yes, the tax burden the U.S. government imposes on its people is more onerous than those imposed by the governments of such "progressive" countries as Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

  • Our Savior's Strategy of Communication

    In the book of Revelation the risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ appears to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos and, among other things, gives the Beloved Apostle a letter to each of seven churches in Asia Minor. In each of the letters if the church was doing something right He always told them what they were doing well before He told them what they were doing wrong. Would it not revolutionize our churches if Christians applied Jesus' strategy in discussions and disagreements with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

  • IS (Islamic State): A Civilizational Threat

    This is what makes IS such a grave threat to the civilized world. The closest analogy to IS in modern history is the U.S.S.R. (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), which was dedicated to imposing communism worldwide, heedless of national boundaries.

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