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  • Trump's Meeting With Evangelical Leaders Marks the End of the Christian Right

    Today an estimated 1,000 evangelical leaders are making a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to "listen" to Donald Trump. The organizer of this meeting came to my office to tell me in person why I wasn't being invited. I had been too vocal in my anti-Trump views.

  • Why I Joined Donald Trump's Evangelical Executive Advisory Board

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign announced the formation of an evangelical executive board yesterday. The press release included a list of the 25 evangelical leaders who have agreed to serve on the board. I am one of those executive board members.

  • An Open Letter to a Gay Christian

    Dear Isaac: With great interest, I read your "Open Letter To My Conservative Christian Family: A Response to the Orlando Shooting."

  • 170 Muslim Refugees Had Me Surrounded

    They had surrounded me, 170 Syrian refugees, all Muslims. As the CEO of Open Doors USA, an organization that advocates for and supports persecuted Christians throughout the world, I often travel to far-flung locations to talk face-to-face with those affected by religious violence.

  • 10 Reflections on Our Time With Donald Trump

    What started as an interesting idea to convene 300 Christian leaders in New York for a time with Donald Trump literally exploded in weeks! The interest was so overwhelming that special ID badges had to be made to accommodate over 1,000 who eventually came from all over America.

  • Finding Dory: A Disney Movie With a Hidden Pro-Life Message

    Kids once learned lessons about life through books. That's still the case for many children, but for the rest of them, movies have helped fill the gap.

  • Cisgender: How Liberals Use Language as a Cultural Weapon

    Words have great power. They shape how we think about ourselves and the world. Even silly, made up words.