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Has Donald Trump Accepted Christ? James Dobson Says 'Yes'

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Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, says Donald Trump has recently given his life to Jesus Christ, that the presumptive Republican nominee is now "a baby Christian," and therefore Christians should pray for him.

donald trump

Donald Trump 'Moved The Needle' With Evangelicals But Questions Remain

Donald Trump's meeting with over 900 evangelical leaders Tuesday morning helped move the conservative evangelical needle in his direction, however, some prominent evangelicals are not ready to fully back the real estate mogul.

Eric Teetsel

Former Rubio Advisor on Why He Protested Trump Meeting With Evangelicals (Interview)

Outside Donald Trump's meeting with evangelical leaders stood a dissenting conservative evangelical political activist, Eric Teetsel, who had a message for the attendees: Torture, misogyny, racism, and murdering children of terrorists are not pro-life.

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins: Trump 'Likable Guy' but Needs Evangelical-Friendly Running Mate

Conservative Christian leaders who gathered for a closed-door meeting with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in New York City Tuesday left with a positive impression but want to see more from the candidate.

Ken Blackwell

Trump Convinces Evangelical Leaders He'd Be Better Than Clinton at Defending Religious Freedom

While many of them said they still weren't ready to endorse him for president, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have sufficiently convinced a gathering of more than 900 conservative Christian leaders that he is the best choice for protecting religious freedom.