10 Times Barack Obama Disappointed Evangelicals

During his two terms in office, President Obama had a mixed record when it came to his appeal with evangelicals, especially those who are more theologically conservative. Here are ten ways that Obama disappointed tens of millions of evangelical Christian Americans.

10 Times Barack Obama Pleased Evangelicals

There is little dispute that on many issues, President Barack Obama was at odds with millions of self-identified evangelical Christians. However, there were instances when the liberal Democratic commander-in-chief and conservative evangelicals found themselves in harmony.

Obama Told Trump White House Isn't Like 'Managing a Family Business'

In an interview with ABC News, President Obama talked about his relationship with Donald Trump and said he told the president elect that running America's government is different from managing a "family business." Obama also shared his views on the U.S. intelligence report about Russia's interference in the presidential election.

Transgender Bathroom Bill Introduced in Texas

Following in the footsteps of North Carolina, a conservative Texas lawmaker has introduced a controversial bill that would prevent local governments enacting transgender bathroom ordinances that force businesses to allow biological men into women's bathrooms and showers.

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