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Robert P. George: Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom Cannot Coexist

Robert P. George

Gay marriage proponents will not allow for religious freedom of their political opponents because their belief system does not allow for the fact that dissenters can be reasonable people of goodwill, Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, argued at the Institute on Religion and Democracy's 2014 Diane Knippers Memorial Lecture.

Chris Minnich

Common Core Supporter: Federal Gov't Should Have Never Been Involved

An advocate of the Common Core, who had influence in the development and state adoptions of the set of state standards in 2009, said that most supporters of Common Core today would agree that the standards would be better off if the federal government had never gotten involved in incentivizing states to adopt them.

Steve Riggle

Who Are the 5 Pastors in the Houston Sermon Subpoena Scandal?

Although much has been reported regarding the ethics and legality behind the city of Houston's subpoena of five Houston-area pastors that had asked them to turn over all of their sermons that address homosexuality, gender identity, and the city's first openly-lesbian mayor, little attention has been given to who those five pastors actually are and the ministries they operate.

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama No Longer Believes Marriage Definition Should Be Left to States; Says Constitution Requires Gay Marriage in All 50 States

Although President Barack Obama previously said the definition of marriage should be decided locally, he now believes the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to same same-sex marriage in all states.


Where Are Social Conservative Groups in the 2014 Election?

As the 2014 congressional midterm elections approach, two social conservative political action committees have focused their election contributions toward a handful of Senate races that are crucial for the GOP's hopes of taking control of the Senate this November.

NARAL Ad Attacking SBA List

Abortion Ad War Gets Ugly: Pro-Life Womens Group Accused of Being 'As Anti-Woman As It Gets,' Compared to Sex Abusers

As the 2014 midterm elections near, pro-life and pro-choice advocacy groups are in the midst of a television advertisement war that has been heating up in recent weeks as one pro-choice group has been attacking pro-life congressional candidates in advertisements that suggest that they are "as anti-woman as it gets."