Federal Judge to Tenn. Pro-Lifers: Your Votes Don't Count

Supreme Court abortion

A Tennessee federal judge has ruled that ballots on Amendment 1 to the state's constitution, which was against protecting a "right" to or funding of abortion, must be recounted and that some of the "yes" votes should just be thrown out in the process. Tennessee is appealing the order.

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Ted Cruz Drops Out; Donald Trump Likely Republican Nominee

Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina

Republican front-runner Donald Trump scored an important victory over rival Ted Cruz in Indiana on Tuesday, a win that moves him close to being unstoppable in his march to the party's presidential nomination.

Liberty University

Education Dept. Releases 'Shame List' of Faith-Based Colleges Seeking Title IX Exemption From Transgender Rules

The U.S. Department of Education published Friday a list of faith-based colleges and universities that were granted a religious exemption from Title IX. LGBT activist groups have been calling on the government to publish the list as part of a shaming campaign called the "Shame List" to pressure Christian colleges to consent to their agenda.

Donald Trump

Only 4 Percent of Evangelicals Think Trump Is 'Genuinely' Conservative, George Barna Says

One of the most prominent pollsters who focuses on the religious beliefs and behaviors of Americans says most evangelicals actually doubt that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is a conservative.

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Illiberal Liberalism 'Can Only Survive by Doubling Down on Authoritarian Control,' Author Says

Today's liberals have betrayed the principles of free thought and open-mindedness they proclaim to profess by using "authoritarian control" to silence conservatives and others who don't share their opinions, conservative author Kim R. Holmes said Wednesday.

North Carolina HB2 Protesters, Transgender, Bathroom Bill

4 Myths About North Carolina's Transgender Bathroom Bill

Much controversy and backlash has surrounded the recently passed North Carolina transgender bathroom law, but myths have arisen that have led people to faulty conclusions about the legislation.

Jack Phillips

Christian Baker Can Be Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cakes to Stay in Business, Colorado Supreme Court Says

Colorado's highest court declined to hear an appeal from a Christian baker who was found guilty of discrimination for refusing to service a same-sex wedding ceremony.