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Ann Coulter Replaces 'God' With 'Trump' in New Book Title: 'In Trump We Trust'

Ann Coulter

Controversial conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter recently released a book changing the national motto of "In God We Trust" to "In Trump We Trust."

U.S. President Barack Obama

States Sue Obama Administration Over Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Sex Change Operations

Five states and organizations representing over 17,000 physicians are suing the Obama administration over new Obamacare regulations requiring doctors to ignore their medical expertise and religious convictions and perform gender transition services and procedures.

Hillary Clinton

Will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Save Persecuted Christians?

One of the world's leading Christian persecution watchdog groups has put together a petition to presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, decrying a "baffling silence" on the problem of persecution, and urging them to devise a plan of action for how to help.


Obama Extends Transgender Bathroom Rules to Federal Buildings

The Obama administration has ordered 9,000-plus federal buildings across the United States allow biological men into women's bathrooms, locker rooms and showers in order to comply with the administration's interpretation of Title IX law.