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Max Lucado Never Agreed to Be in Anti-Trump Ad Launched by Progressive Christian Group

Max Lucado

Best-selling Christian author and preacher Max Lucado was never consulted about being featured in a progressive Christian nonprofit's anti-Donald Trump ad campaign that launched last week and includes audio from his interview with National Public Radio earlier this year.

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Christian Persecution

Although Christian persecution continues to be one of the biggest human rights issues facing the world, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have shared very few specifics about how they plan to help suffering believers.

Hillary Clinton

OB-GYN to Hillary Clinton: 'No Medical Situation' Requires Late-Term Abortion, C-Section Delivery Is Safer

In response to Hillary Clinton's defense of partial-birth and late-term abortions at Wednesday night's debate, a California obstetrician-gynecologist has reportedly taken to Facebook to decry the claim that third-trimester abortion is necessary to help save the life of the mother.


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Obamacare and Healthcare Reform

Among the top four issues for voters going into the general election on Nov. 8, health care trails only the economy, terrorism and foreign policy according to the Pew Research Center and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are sharply divided on the issue.