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Chelsea Clinton Reveals She Left Baptist Church Over Abortion, Insulted When People Question Hillary's Faith

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said that it is insulting when people question her parents' Christian faith. Clinton added that she left a Baptist church at a young age and joined the Methodists over the abortion issue.

Barack Obama

Obama Ordered Agents to Delete Records of Muslims With Terror Ties, Whistleblower Claims

A former Department of Homeland Security employee accused the Obama administration of forcing him to scrub records from the agency's counterterror databases that detail Muslims with connections to terrorist groups that could have prevented deadly terror attacks on American soil.

Jeb Bush

Aborting Rape-Conceived Babies Called 'Sweet Spot,' 'Act of Self Defense' by Jeb Bush, Chris Christie at GOP Debate

Jeb Bush said that supporting abortion for rape-conceived babies puts him in a "sweet spot" as a candidate while Chris Christie called it an "act of self defense." Marco Rubio disagreed, arguing it's more important to be right on the issue than win an election.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Is 'Awakening' 'Dormant Evangelicals' to Vote for Him, FRC Pres. Tony Perkins Says

The high evangelical turnout in the Iowa caucuses Monday is proof that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is 'awakening' and 'energizing' Christian conservative voters who did not turn out in the 2012 election, leading conservative activist Tony Perkins said Wednesday.

International Religious Freedom Scorecard

Os Guinness, Nina Shea, Frank Wolf Introduce Congressional Scorecard on Religious Freedom

With religious minorities being killed and persecuted around the globe at an unprecedented rate, members of the United States Congress will soon be graded on their engagement in promoting legislation designed to bolster America's protection of international religious freedom.