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Ted Cruz Is 'Awakening' 'Dormant Evangelicals' to Vote for Him, FRC Pres. Tony Perkins Says

Ted Cruz

The high evangelical turnout in the Iowa caucuses Monday is proof that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is 'awakening' and 'energizing' Christian conservative voters who did not turn out in the 2012 election, leading conservative activist Tony Perkins said Wednesday.

International Religious Freedom Scorecard

Os Guinness, Nina Shea, Frank Wolf Introduce Congressional Scorecard on Religious Freedom

With religious minorities being killed and persecuted around the globe at an unprecedented rate, members of the United States Congress will soon be graded on their engagement in promoting legislation designed to bolster America's protection of international religious freedom.

Ted Cruz

Iowa Caucus: Winner Cruz, Loser Trump, Surging Rubio, Clinton-Sanders Virtual Tie

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz emerged the winner from Monday night's Republican Iowa Caucuses, scoring a big upset over frontrunner Donald Trump in the nation's first presidential contest, while Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ended the night essentially tied with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio

26 Iowa Pastors, National Evangelical Leaders Endorse Marco Rubio Days Before Iowa Caucus

In the days leading up to the pivotal Iowa caucuses, a group of Iowa pastors and a number of prominent national Christian leaders have endorsed Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for president, which contrasts the notion that evangelical leaders are coalescing around Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump Really Pro-Life?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has shown signs throughout the campaign that his once pro-choice attitude and close connections with abortion proponents could play a damaging role in the success of the pro-life movement if he is elected president.