Evangelical Leaders Ask Rick Perry to Stop Execution of Mentally Ill Texas Man Who Believes He's Being Punished for Preaching the Gospel

Scott Panetti in this undated photo.

The attorneys for Scott Panetti, a severely mentally ill man who believes Texas is trying to execute him for preaching the Gospel, have asked the state to stay his execution. Panetti's death sentence, however, is not for preaching the Gospel, but for murdering his parents-in-law in 1992. His planned execution is being opposed by both mental health professionals and over 50 evangelical leaders.

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Evangelicals Split Over Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

Samuel Rodriguez

Two prominent leaders of the Evangelical Immigration Table took dueling positions on the controversial executive order President Barack Obama is expected sign Friday that will allow millions of undocumented workers to acquire work permits.


Church Leaders Alarmed That IRS Agents Could Pose as Clergy to Access Privileged Information, Enforce Birth Control Mandate

Church leaders are upset after a recent article in The New York Times revealed that the Internal Revenue Service can use undercover agents disguised as members of the clergy as a means to gather privileged information.

Melissa Francis

Ex CNBC Reporter Claims Network 'Silenced' Her for Reporting on Obamacare Flaws, Told Her to Stop 'Disrespecting' Obama

A Fox Business reporter is accusing her former CNBC bosses of reprimanding her for pursuing reporting angles that pointed out the mathematical flaws in the president's Obamacare law.

Henry Olsen

Survey: White Working Class Voters Crucial to Republican Victories

The Republican advantage among white working class voters increased 15 percentage points from 2012 to 2014, which delivered Republicans their big wins in the 2014 midterms, according to a report by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Michael Novak

Is Economic Liberty Necessary for Religious Liberty?

Can churches have religious freedom in a nation without economic freedom? This issue was explored at an Acton Institute conference hosted by the Catholic University of America.

Naghmeh Abedini, Pastor Saeed Abedini and their two young children in this undated family photo.

Saeed Abedini Postcard Blitz: Obama Needs to Press Iran to Release American Pastor at Nuclear Talks

A new initiative is encouraging supporters of Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini to purchase and send postcards to the White House to urge President Barack Obama to demand the release Abedini as part of the upcoming nuclear negotiations with Iran.