White House
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Franklin Graham Says LGBT Rainbow-Colored White House Is 'Slap in the Face' of 'Millions of Americans;' White House Calls It 'Victory'

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham has said that President Barack Obama's decision to light up the White House with rainbow colors celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage is a "slap in the face" of "millions of Americans" who did not agree with the decision.

Plastic surgery

Is Plastic Surgery a Sin? Doctor Argues 'Jesus Performed Plastic Surgery'

Cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise across the United States, with an estimated 15.6 million procedures in 2014, a 3 percent increase from the previous year. While it remains unknown what percentage of Christians make up the millions undergoing these vanity procedures each year, believers who've suffered from botched surgeries are now declaring the practice sinful, but not everyone agrees.

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston

Dylan Roof Confesses He Almost Did Not Follow Through With Massacre 'Because Everyone Was So Nice;' Victims' Families Offer Forgiveness

Lone gunman Dylan Roof, 21, who shot and killed nine Christians during a Bible study at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston Wednesday, purportedly boasted to friends about his plans to "kill a bunch of people," but later confessed to police he "almost didn't go through with it because everyone was so nice to him."

Controversial Condom Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Displayed by Milwaukee Art Museum, Catholics Call It 'Attack on Faith'

Pope Benedict XVI holds his last general audience in St Peter\'s Square at the Vatican February 27, 2013. The weekly event which would normally be held in a vast auditorium in winter, but has been moved outdoors to St. Peter\'s Square so more people can att

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Milwaukee Jerome Listecki has criticized a portrait of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI made out of 17,000 colored condoms and displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum as an "attack on the faith." The museum is arguing that the portrait, called "Eggs Benedict," is only meant to spark a discussion about the pontiff's opposition to condoms as a method to battle AIDS.

'Small Miracle:' Cal State Re-Recognizes InterVarsity as Official Student Group After Stripping Ministry's Recognition for Requiring Leaders to Be Christian


After being officially de-recognized by America's largest university system because it required its student leaders to be professing Christians, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is once again a recognized student group in the California State University system after conversations between the two sides has led to a mutual "understanding."