Eric Walsh
(Screengrab: First Liberty Institute)

Georgia Demands Pastor Surrender Sermons After Filing Federal Religious Discrimination Claim

A Seventh-day Adventist lay minister who says he was fired by Georgia's Department of Public Health after officials were assigned to watch and review the content of his sermons, says he will not comply with the state's demands that he hand over his sermons for review by state attorneys.


Franklin Graham on Hurricane Matthew: We Don't Run Away From Disasters, We Run to Them

Hurricane Matthew, currently moving along the East Coast of the southeastern United States, has killed nearly 900 people in Haiti and at least four in Florida, apart from causing flooding, evacuations and destruction of homes. Christians relief agencies, along with local churches, are responding to the humanitarian crisis by sending supplies to and planning rebuilding efforts in affected areas.

Have Christians Lost the Culture War in America?

You Can\'t Hide From the Culture Wars!

As American secular society becomes increasingly hostile toward Christians, many are asking if the culture war has already been lost or if they should keep fighting, refusing to yield to the siren song of premature withdrawl in a war that is not yet lost.