Christian minister Paula White and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.
(Photo: screengrab/Reuters)

Prosperity Gospel Preacher Paula White Prays for Donald Trump: 'Any Tongue that Rises Against Him Will Be Condemned'

Florida megachurch pastor and prosperity preacher Paula White prayed for Republican 2016 presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, saying that "any tongue that rises against him will be condemned according to the word of God," and for "a greater encounter" with God.

ISIS execution

How Can US Prevent Annihilation of Christians by ISIS?

The Islamic State terror group has clearly targeted Christians for ethnic cleansing, and hundreds of thousands of Christians have already fled Syria and Iraq or remain internally displaced. What can the United States, a signatory to the 1951 U.N. Genocide Convention, do to save the endangered Christians?

Pope Francis

Pope Backtracks on Support for Kim Davis? Vatican Responds

The Vatican has clarified that despite the much-publicized private meeting between Pope Francis and Kentucky clerk Kim Davis last week in Washington, D.C., the meeting should not be equated to the pontiff giving his support for Davis' position on refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

President Barack Obama of the United States of America addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s 70th session Monday, September 28, 2015, at the United Nations in New York City.

Obama Blasts Syrian President Assad and ISIS in UN Speech: 'Our Job Is to Reject Extremism'

President Barack Obama addressed the "poisonous theology" of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) that "affects too many of our young people," in a far-reaching address during the Opening Session of the 70th United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Monday. He also took issue with atrocities carried out by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom he called a "dictator."

Pope Francis

Obama Clashes With Pope on Kim Davis and Religious Freedom

President Barack Obama said on Sunday that freedom of religion does not mean that any Americans should be denied their constitutional rights, and suggested that traditional marriage supporters need to "catch up" to the rest of the country. Pope Francis has meanwhile said that conscientious objection a "human right," when asked about the Kim Davis case.

Pope Francis is driven on a golf cart as he arrives at Madison Square Garden to celebrate mass in New York City, September 25, 2015.

Pope Francis Gets Rock-Star Greeting at Madison Square Garden; Urges Faithful to Go, Proclaim the Love and Presence of God in NYC

When the white golf cart suddenly entered Madison Square Garden Friday evening and started coasting past the aisles, the estimated 20,000 worshippers in attendance went wild. One might have thought Harry Connick Jr. or Jennifer Hudson was still on stage singing "How Great Thou Art" or "Hallelujah." But no, it was only Pope Francis. And the man viewed as the vicar of Christ on Earth by the Catholic faithful reminded the flock of their duty to go and tell others about God and what He was doing in their city

Pope Francis Secretly Met With Gay Marriage Dissenter Kim Davis

Kim Davis

Mat Staver, attorney and founder of the Liberty Counsel, has claimed in an interview that Pope Francis met with and prayed with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis during his visit to Washington, D.C. last week. The Vatican has refused to confirm or deny that the meeting between the pontiff and the clerk took place.

Ken Ham Accuses Bill Nye of Telling Women to 'Murder' Their Babies

Bill Nye

Answers in Genesis CEO and President Ken Ham has responded to a recent pro-abortion video made by The Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye "The Science Guy," and claimed that Nye is calling on women to "murder" their babies. Nye had argued that pro-life supporters are wrong to trust their interpretation of the Bible, and said that they do not understand science.

Should Christians Be Pole Dancing?

pole dancing

As hypersexualized dance programs like pole workouts become increasingly popular among women of all ages, especially young girls, one Christian woman is battling against the trend while others defend it merely as a form of physical fitness, not sexual exploitation.