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New Jersey Teen Battles Atheists in Court to Keep 'Under God' in Pledge of Allegiance, Say's She Won't Be Silenced

A court in New Jersey heard arguments Wednesday on a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an atheist group that wants to remove the phrase "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance after parents complained that their child's public school was reciting the phrase.

Scott Louis Panetti in an undated image. The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Texas cannot execute a delusional, mentally ill inmate who does not fully understand why he is being put to death.

Sister of Mentally Ill Texas Man Sentenced to Die in December Pleads to Rick Perry to Spare His Life

The sister of Scott Panetti, a paranoid schizophrenic set to be executed by the state of Texas on Dec. 3 for the murder of two people, has pleaded with Gov. Rick Perry to commute his sentence to life in prison. Victoria Panetti has said that her brother, who believes he's being executed for preaching the Gospel, does not understand fact from fiction, and started an online petition asking Perry to spare his life.

snow new york

New York, Great Lakes Snowstorm Leaves 7 Dead; More Snow Expected

A massive snowstorm has killed at least seven people and left many more stranded in their vehicles in Buffalo, New York, and affected several other Great Lake states, including northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Further snow is expected to hit Buffalo on Thursday, which was buried under six feet of snow and declared a state of emergency.


Grieving Wife of Christian Surgeon Martin Salia Who Died From Ebola Issues Heartfelt Statement to Omaha Medical Team

Ebola patient Dr. Martin Salia died in an Omaha hospital over the weekend after the U.S. State Department had him transported to the Nebraska Medical Center on Saturday for treatment. Salia's wife, Isatu, shared her gratitude for the medical care her husband received, even though doctors were unable to save his life, because the deadly virus was already in advanced stages.

Muslims hold prayer inside the Washington National Cathedral

National Cathedral Hosts Islamic Prayers; Lone Protester Interrupts Service

The Washington National Cathedral will be hosting it first Muslim prayer service Friday in an effort to promote interfaith prayer and improved global relations between Muslims and Christians. The Catholic church set in Washington, D.C. will alter its visitor tour schedule to host traditional Islamic Friday prayers called Jumu'ah led by South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool.

Fifth Person Dies in Jerusalem Synagogue Slayings That Killed 3 American Rabbis; Hamas Calls It Revenge Attack


An Israeli police officer has died from his injuries sustained in the terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday that also led to the deaths of three rabbis with dual American-Israeli citizenship, and one with British citizenship. Terrorist group Hamas has claimed that the attack was revenge for the killing of a Palestinian bus driver on Sunday night. An autopsy report reveals, however, that the bus driver committed suicide.