D.A. Horton
(Photo Courtesy of Alli Rader)

#BlackLivesMatter, But We Have to Answer Why They Matter, Urban Apologist D.A. Horton Says at Southern Baptist Race Conference

The "black lives matter" hashtag campaign does not mean that other lives do not matter, but the the campaign also needs to address why black lives matter, which includes the high abortion rate in black communities, urban apologist and former church planter D.A. Horton said Thursday.

Mariam Yahya Ibrahim (C) and her husband Daniel Wani (bottom) are greeted by a cheering crowd of people as they arrive at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire July 31, 2014.

'I Am A Christian' Producers Say Facebook Blocked Message Calling People to Identify as Christians

The producers behind the film "I Am a Christian," which was recently halted, have said that when they tried to post a message on Facebook encouraging people to identify as Christians, the social networking site blocked it for being "profane, vulgar." When they contacted Facebook for more information, Facebook told them that material should not "single out individuals or degrade people."

Robert P. George: Sexual Revolution Is Hurting Poor People Among All Races in America, Not Just African-Americans

Robert P. George

Robert P. George says the sexual revolution is hurting lower income Americans of all races, not just black communities, with family disintegration contributing to poverty. In his analysis of the state of American families, George referred to a 1965 government report by the-late politician and sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan who believed the crisis befalling the African-American community was due, in part, to the lack of a family structure which leads to "juvenile delinquency and adult crime."