Pope Francis addresses the Council of Europe in Strasbourg November 25, 2014.
(Photo: Reuters/Sandro Weltin/Council of Europe/Handout via Reuters)

Pope Francis Says Door of Dialogue With ISIS Should Never Close; Warns Fighting Terrorism Leads to Deaths of Innocents

Pope Francis has said that he would "never close the door" on dialogue with terror group ISIS if there is any way it could end the suffering in the region. The pontiff was speaking to reporters on Tuesday following a speech at the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, and added that states striking back against terrorism can lead to loss of innocent life as well.

Displaced Iraqi Christians

Iraqi Christian Village in Nineveh Hosts First Mass Since ISIS Takeover

For the first time since the Islamic State seized most of the Nineveh province in northern Iraq over the summer, a Christian mass was successfully held at a church in a small Iraqi village nearly 20 miles north of the ISIS stronghold of Mosul this past Sunday, Iraqi News reports indicate.


Fifth Person Dies in Jerusalem Synagogue Slayings That Killed 3 American Rabbis; Hamas Calls It Revenge Attack

An Israeli police officer has died from his injuries sustained in the terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday that also led to the deaths of three rabbis with dual American-Israeli citizenship, and one with British citizenship. Terrorist group Hamas has claimed that the attack was revenge for the killing of a Palestinian bus driver on Sunday night. An autopsy report reveals, however, that the bus driver committed suicide.