Paris, France

Brussels on Highest Terror Alert; ISIS Threat 'Serious, Imminent'

Belgium's capital Brussels has been put on the country's highest alert due to "a serious and imminent threat" after reports that an Islamic State, or ISIS, terrorist, suspected to be part of the attacks on Paris a week ago, was in the city, apparently armed with a suicide belt and trying to get to Syria.

Syria\'s President Bashar al-Assad

5 Things to Know About Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

As tens of thousands of refugees flee war-torn Syria to seek asylum in Europe, world leaders are deliberating on what actions to take against President Bashar al-Assad whose government has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in barrel bomb and chemical weapons attacks as the country fights a civil war and ISIS.


UK Theaters Ban 'Lord's Prayer' Christmas Ad

The Church of England has warned of a "chilling" effect on free speech, after leading U.K. cinemas refused to show an ad for the Lord's Prayer, citing it could offend people of other faiths or no faith.