Christians Encouraged to Home-School their Children

The founder and chairman of the Home School legal Defence Association is urging Christian families to advance education freedom from government schools.

Mike Farris, the founder and chairman of the Home School Legal Defence Association, holds an idea that God gives children to parents to direct their education.

Farris believes the public education in America is largely responsible for the moral relativism to prevalent among today's young people, stated Agape Press.

"Why do born-again teens so overwhelmingly reject the idea of moral truth [and] the idea that the Bible guides their own moral decisions?" Farris asked. "You cannot see those statistics and fail to conclude that it's their education and the media that are the sources of the values that they're getting."

He says most parents believe that taking their children to church and providing their own instruction at home will overcome what happens to them in public schools during the week. But Farris says according to research, that is the case for less than nine percent of Christian children.

"The reasonable conclusion [we can make] from the evidence in front us is that education and media serve has a more powerful influence in the lives of children than do parents and church," the home-schooling advocate says. "And that is the reason that when they're 29 years old, only 42 percent of them who went to church every week [when they were in their parents' home] still go to church at all."

Farris, an ordained Baptist minister, who has been working with home-schooling families since 1983, contends the "re-creation of the Christian Ivy League" is needed to ensure that the nation's best and brightest children are not trained by those who would systematically seek to undermine everything that is true, good, and virtuous in their lives.