The New Fast-Food Combo

You’ve seen it everywhere: the fast food industry is taking steps to create healthier fast-food options. As our nation tries to deal with the crisis of obesity, the fast-food industry is introducing lower-fat fares to give us a new and improved fast-food combo. Where the focus was once was on burgers and fries, it has now shifted to grilled chicken sandwiches and salads to win over health conscious consumers.

At Truestar, we know eating on the run is a fact of life. To help you make healthier choices when dining out, we have compiled the nutritional information of various fast foods from some of your favorite chains. But remember, it's all about choice. Fast-food chains have added healthier foods, now it's your job to choose them!

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Big Mac: 574 calories, 32g fat Whole Wheat Chicken McGrill: 309 calories, 5.5g fat 256 calories, 26.5g fat
Medium french fries: 354 calories, 17g fat Side salad with light Italian dressing: 72 calories, 4.1g fat 282 calories, 12.9g fat
Hot fudge sundae: 326 calories, 9.1g fat Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait: 156 calories, 2.5g fat 170 calories, 6.6g fat

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Chicken BLT salad (with croutons, honey mustard dressing): 710 calories, 47.5g fat Mandarin chicken salad (wit crispy noodles, lowfat honey mustard dressing): 370 calories, 7.5g fat 340 calories, 40g fat
Biggie french fries: 440 calories,19g fat Small chili: 200 calories, 5g fat 240 calories, 14g fat
Chicken club sandwich: 440 calories, 16g fat Grilled chicken sandwich: 300 calories, 6g fat 170 calories, 6.6g fat

Burger King
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Original WHOPPER sandwich: 710 calories, 43g fat Savoury mustard fire-grilled chicken baguette: 350 calories, 5g fat 360 calories, 38g fat
BK fish fillet sandwich: 520 calories, 30g fat BK veggie burger (reduced fat mayo): 300 calories, 7g fat 180 calories, 23g fat
King Size french fries: 600 calories, 30g fat Chili: 190 calories, 8g fat 490 calories, 22g fat

Pizza Hut
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Pepperoni pan pizza (per slice of 12" medium): 290 calories, 15g fat Fit 'n Delicious chicken, onion and green pepper pizza (per slice of 12" medium): 170 calories, 4.5g fat Per slice: 120 calories, 10.5g fat

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6" Cold Cut Trio sub (with cheese): 440 calories, 21g fat 6" turkey breast sub (no cheese): 230 calories, 3g fat 210 calories, 18g fat
Italian BMT salad (no dressing): 280 calories, 19g fat Roasted chicken breast salad (no dressing): 150 calories, 3g fat 130 calories, 16g fat

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Grande caramel macchiato (whole milk): 320 calories, 14g fat Grande caramel macchiato (nonfat milk): 230 calories, 2g fat 90 calories, 12g fat
Tall hot chocolate (whole milk, whipped cream): 360 calories, 21g fat Tall hot chocolate (nonfat milk, no whipped cream): 190 calories, 1.5g fat 170 calories, 19.5g fat

All Truestar meal plans include these delicious and healthier on-the-go foods to help you keep your waistline trim when eating on the run! Other guidelines to keep in mind include:

Don't super size—a sure way to weight gain is to eat large portions. Order small sizes and don't overindulge!
Keep the fat away by avoiding fried foods, asking for no cheese or little cheese on pizzas, salads and subs and ordering lowfat dressings.
Drink water with your meals—not pop.
Educate yourself by looking up the nutritional information of fast foods using the Truestar Food Trakker or company websites to help you make healthier choices. Fast-food chains are even starting to display nutritional information on posters at the counter or on tray liners—so read them!
Get moving—a busy lifestyle is no excuse for not exercising. Check out the Truestar Exercise Plan for easy and enjoyable ways to get fit!

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