VOM Launches Bible Mailing Program for the Persecuted

The Voice of the Martyrs launched a new program Friday to get the Word of God into countries where Bibles are hard to come by.

In the upcoming months, the Bibles Unbound program will mail Bibles to such nations as China, Egypt, Columbia, Cuba and the Middle East, where persecuted Christians will have the chance to reach out to their own communities.

Although met with repression, discrimination, beatings and arrests on a frequent basis, Christians throughout restricted countries are not backing down to share their faith with those around them. Believers around the world are currently gathering names and addresses quietly from their local communities. The collected information will be placed onto labels by VOM's program participants from where New Testaments are to be directly mailed.

VOM says the unbound program could be one of the most significant ministry outreaches of its time.

As waves of Scripture begin to arrive in regions where the Word of God is scarce, the persecuted believers are moving stronger in their faith. Although the Christian population in Middle Eastern countries has drastically reduced, according to Justus Reid Weiner in his new book Human Rights of Christians in Palestinian Society, Scripture will now become more accessible to the believers through the VOM program.

Participants who join Bibles Unbound will receive copies of the New Testament in the appropriate language each month and necessary postage materials to be mailed to the assigned restricted nation. In cooperation with UPS and the international re-mail system, Bibles will be directly mailed into restricted nations with non-U.S. postage on an individual and anonymous basis, avoiding any "illegal" distribution issues.

To join Bibles Unbound, visit www.biblesunbound.com