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Christian Gunter Saves 10 Disabled Vets From Tornado While Own Home is Destroyed (VIDEO)

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May 1, 2014|2:06 pm
Christian Gunter (Screenshot: Fox News)

With a death toll of at least 15, the tornado that ripped through Vilonia, Ark. Sunday evening continues to produce stories of loss. However, tales of heroism are emerging, too, like the one of Christian Gunter.

Gunter is the 19-year-old manager of a home for mentally and physically disabled veterans. When the deadly twister struck, his priority was to make sure his residents were safe. He raced to put all 10 ex-soldiers into a van and take them to a shelter at a nearby church.

They made it there safely and rode out the storm. However, as he saved his residents, Gunter's personal home was destroyed by the tornado.

Christian Gunter tells his story in this Fox News report.

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