CCF Completes Six-Day Statewide Tour for Marriage

Campaign for Children and Families (CCF), one of the foremost groups working to protect California’s families, completed their 6-day, 15-city tour to support natural marriage and to oppose a bill that would impose “homosexual marriage licenses” upon every county in California, on Friday, February 19, 2005. Beginning from Sacramento and passing down to San Diego, the “Keep Your Hands Off Marriage” rallies drew thousands of pro-family supporters from city to city.

The pro-marriage tour kicked off on Valentines Day at the state’s Capitol, where thousands of moms, dads and children shouted their support for the voter-passed Prop 22 – a mandate the lists marriage as between a man and woman only.

The traveling rally group, which included the CCF president Randy Thomasson, traveled from Sacramento to Oakland, San Jose, Salinas, Fresno, Bakersfield, Lancaster, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, Indio, Escondido and San Diego.
The group also opposed AB 19 – a bill that would redefine marriage as between “two persons.”
““AB 19 utterly destroys the uniqueness of marriage, and rejects the vote of
61.4 percent of Californians who demanded that marriage stay between a man
and a woman,”said Thomasson. “If it’s not a man and a woman, it’s not