DJ Andy Hunter Returns with 'Life'

Andy Hunter's 'Life' now available
Internationally acclaimed UK artist, DJ Andy Hunter has returned with a new collection of rhythms called "Life."

Hunter's new release features intricate break beats and inventive keyboard work which is all held together by ever-present and strong melodies.

After his debut release in 2002, "Exodus," which put a new spin on the worship scene, "Life" offers sonic vignettes of Christ bringing new life to barren wasteland.

The Christian club DJ has been able to impact the world with works in such TV programs and films as "Go" and "Wonders of You" on The Matrix Reloaded, The Italian Job, ABC's Alias, and others.

"Despite all that secular exposure, Hunter's music remains quite faith-centric," said Christianity Today.

"I want to get out pieces of music that capture people's attention, not necessarily a lyric, but an atmosphere or a feeling that expresses the heart," says Hunter.

Track Playlist:
1. Open My Eyes
2. Come On
3. Alive
4. Wonderful
5. Life Light
6. To Life To Love