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Friday, Oct 21, 2016

Dutchman Builds Noah's Ark a Second Time

  • (Photo: Reuters)
    A general view of a working replica of Noah's Ark built by Johan Huibers as a testament to his faith in the Bible in Schagen, the Netherlands March 31, 2006. This was Huibers' first ark. His latest project is a full-size Noah's Ark, which is scheduled to be completed in July 2011.
By Ariel R. Rey , Christian Post Reporter
May 31, 2011|9:07 am

A man in the Netherlands has almost completed building a replica of Noah’s ark, identical in size to the one in the Bible.

Following the exact measurements recorded in the book of Genesis, the successful construction company owner, Johan Huibers, has been working on the ark for a few years now and he is set to finish by July, according to The New York Times.

This is not the first time he has attempted to create Noah’s ark. He built a smaller one, though still massive, and had opened the door to visitors in 2007. According to the NY Times, the ark drew more than 600,000 people in about three years.

Building Noah’s ark has long been a dream of Huibers’. He recalled to Diagonal View that he came across a book titled Ark of Noah at a bookshop he was working at and noted the nice pictures is contained.

“I thought to myself, it would be nice when we rebuild the ark and make a replica of the ark of Noah to tell a story, the stories of the Bible.”

Though the 60-year-old was able to make profit from the previous ark, he told the NY Times that his ultimate goal is to point people to the Bible and to God.

He plans to use the new ark as a live example of the story of Noah and the ark will also include live animals.

Huibers hasn’t decided yet where he wants to take it once he’s finished. So far, three places are in line, hoping to host the ark.

A small town in Netherlands, Dordrecht with a population of about 118,000 is hoping to get the ark. Recently, the water levels have been higher in that area, devastating the farmlands due to flooding.

City officials hope that by hosting the ark it will save the town one way or another, as it draws tourists.

Investors from Texas have also asked Huibers to bring the ark to Galveston.

Meanwhile, Huibers, prefers to take it to London, he indicated to the Times. He is hoping it will be there by next summer during the Olympic Games.

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