Million Leaders Mandate to Launch in Hong Kong

A global initiative to train millions of Christians worldwide with the necessary leadership skills to effectively pursue the Great Commission will soon be launched in Hong Kong, introducing a new effective model of leadership training.

Million Leaders Mandate’s (MLM) Hong Kong Conference will be held for the very first time this weekend, marking the launch of MLM in Hong Kong. The first MLM seminar will also be held during the May 27-28 conference.

MLM is an initiative of the U.S.-based EQUIP ministry founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell in 1996 with the vision to equip international Christian leaders to fulfill the Great Commission effectively in every nation.

According to Maxwell, the Great Commission is the mandate Jesus has given to his people and Jesus himself had spent the greatest amount of his time training a group of leaders to impact the world. Today, EQUIP provides strategic leadership training through conferences, resources, partnerships and technology.

At the Grand Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Maxwell will be presented to give the opening speech and host the Question & Answer session. Two associate trainers, Ron McManus and G. L. Johnson, will also speak for the seminars. Topics include "God's Call for Us to Lead", "The Heart of a Leader", "Priorities and Decision Making", "Cultivating People Skills in Your Leadership" and others.

Participants of MLM are required to join six seminars in a period of three years. The program focuses on spiritual, skill and strategy formation of leaders. Participants are not only supposed to learn the program and live on it, but also to pass it on. They are committed to train at least ten leaders using the MLM curriculum. Upon successful completion of three years’ training, a certificate will be given.

The Rev. Enoch Lam from Network J International commented on Maxwell’s leadership program, saying it will surely raise leadership skills.

"Many people are born as leaders, but most leadership skills are developed through learning and training," he said. Lam encouraged everyone to join this weekend’s unprecedented conference.

The conference is being organized by the MLM Hong Kong Conference Steering Committee. It is sponsored by YMCA Hong Kong, Network J International, American Assemblies of God, Ecclesia Ministries Limited, and Kingdom Ministries.

Christian Post Correspondent Claudia Cheng in Atlanta contributed to this story.