New Christian Paper Enjoys Booming Sales with Tabloid Format

The Son, a new Christian quarterly in tabloid format, which was launched in December last year, will be produced monthly by the end of the year after sales jumped by 40 percent.

According to marketing manager Simon Rushton, the Son’s first edition sold just over 43,000 copies and looks to pass 60,000 with the latest Easter edition.

"We have received good feedback from our advertisers, which means that the paper is actually being read," Rushton told a news source. The feedback from readers has also been good, which will help the paper from a quarterly into a monthly edition by December.

Due to the a typical mixture of popular journalism and the Gospel, it may not be fitting to everyone’s likes. "We will probably ruffle a few feathers," he said.

The Son is the idea and production of freelance sports writer Hugh Southon, who became a fervent Christian eight years ago.

The Son conveys the message that Jesus is the son of God. "We wanted to produce an uncompromising, proactive, and provocative newspaper that will put Jesus back into the centre of society, but we wanted it to be fun to read and relevant to today's celebrity culture," Southon said.

"We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture and The Son is one way to break into non-Christian mindsets", he added.

Recently, the 12-page paper which has mainly been sold throughout various Christian networks, has completed a deal with the largest chain of Christian bookshops which will be put into effect by the end of next month.