No Injuries After Car Bomb Explodes at Baghdad Church

A car bomb exploded outside a Baghdad church late on Friday, shattering stained glass windows but harming no one, a church priest said.

"Nobody was injured, thank God," said Oweda Wahba of Sabbatarian Church in central Baghdad, as reported by Reuters. "It was a cowardly act."

Earlier this week, a car bomb tore into a convoy of American and Iraqi troops near Fallujah, killing seven Marines and three Iraqis in the single deadliest attack on American troops in four months.

Last month, bombs exploded at four Baghdad churches and one in the northern city of Mosul during Sunday services on Aug. 1. Iraqi officials blamed the attacks, which killed 11 and injured dozens, on Islamic militants.

Waha told Reuters that services due to be held on Saturday morning had been canceled following the explosion.

[Source: Reuters]