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You’ve finally finished writing your book and it’s about to publish, so now you’re thinking about how to drive more attention and sales for your book. The Christian Post offers book authors and publishing houses some marketing options during the launch week or month of a book.


Time and time, they have come up with unique ways to market our book. Not only that have provided tangible results when often similar relationships are met with over-promises and under-delivery.

The Center for Executive Leadership
with Richard Simmons III
Case Study

Richard Simmons III - Reflections on the Existence of God

This book is a series of short essays seeking to answer life’s most enduring question: Does God exist? I have attempted to craft a book that is well-researched but also easy to read and understand. Each essay can be read in less than 10 minutes. In the end, it is important to know whether God exists or He does not exist. There is no third option.

We ran a campaign that included Banner & Native Ads, Video Pre-Roll Ads, Branded Content, Social Posts, and Dedicated and Sponsored E-blasts over a two-month period.


  • 2M Impressions
  • 14K Clicks
  • 13.39% CTOR in Dedicated E-blast
  • 6.65% CTR in Branded Content

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