Ad Specs & Guidelines

Expandable Banners (User-Initiated ONLY)

All expandables must be user-initiated across the site. strongly recommends and prefers 'click to initiate', however, will accept roll over/roll off pending site approval.

Method of expansion and un-expansion must be the same. (i.e., click-to-initiate or click-to-close OR rollover-to-initiate or roll off-to-close)

Site pre-approval is required before accepting an expandable banner on the Home page. If approved for the Home page, user initiation must be click-to-initiate and click-to-close.

300X250 can expand down and left to maximum size of 500x500. Additionally, must pre-approve expandables for section fronts. Click to expand is preferred however 'roll on/roll off' will be accepted pending site approval.

Expandable Ads are accepted on all pages and for all ad units except for the following: No expandables accepted on these pages:
  • NewsPulse
  • The Christian Post Video section; Video Player
  • iPost ( main page No expansion of these units:
  • 300x600
  • 300x100
  • 120x90
Maximum Expansion on HTML (creative pixel size includes banner and panel):
728x90 expands to 728x270 (expands down only); Polite file load - 80k
336x280 (300x250) expands to 336x500 (expands left only); Polite file load - 80k
160x600 expands to 400x600 (expands left only); Polite file load - 80k

All Expandable ads must be 3rd Party Served