Ad Specs & Guidelines

Interstitial Ads (also referred to as Transitional Ads)

Interstitial Ads (also referred to as Interstitial Ads)

Interstitial ads are defined as full-page ads that appear between pages during user navigation.

All click-through URLs must open in a new browser window.

The Interstitial ad needs to show on entry. Accepted section main pages only: Entertainment, Technology, Travel, Living, Health, Opinion and Justice

Dimensions: Up to 770 pixels wide and 600 in height, and all fixed-width web pages should be center-aligned in the browser window and should have a design space of 766 pixels wide, plus 4 pixel margins on both the left and right sides (total page width equals 770 pixels). Horizontal scroll bars are not permitted.
  • Maximum initial file size: 100k
  • Maximum Animation: Up to 15 seconds and must close automatically after that. (Video can be host-or-user
  • initiated. Audio must be user-initiated.)
  • Close functionality: CNN will attach a CNN header, which will include a 'SKIP THIS AD' functionality.
  • Frequency: One (1) exposure per unique user every 24-hours.
  • Approved vendors: Unicast and Klipmart
    Prior approval required for all Interstitial ads at least 15 business days in advance of the campaign launch.
Final approved creative must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance of the campaign launch.

NOTE: serves ad tags thru IFRAMES, so please modify the code accordingly and include instructions for trafficking