Ad Specs & Guidelines

Long-Form In-Banner Video Ads accepts long-form in-banner video ads up to 2:00 maximum on section main pages and special reports (excluding the Home Page) in the 300x250 banner only.

If video is host-initiated, at :30 seconds the video ad should pause and offer the user an opportunity to play the remainder of the video ad. If video is user-initiated, no 'pause' function required and ad can play the full length.

Maximum initial file size: 40k

ALL long-form video ads must be tested by and approved by five (5) business days in advance of the campaign launch.

Standard controls (i.e. play/pause, audio/mute, and stop). Audio must be user-initiated, except for In-banner Video ads in Expandable banners when expansion is on click. If expansion is on rollover/mouse over, audio must be user-initiated on click.