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Political Correctness Won't Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism

Joseph D\'souza

I am a religious leader from India, where we know something about extremism. That's why it didn't surprise me that just days before the terrorist attack in Orlando, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India warned both houses of the U.S. Congress that the global fight against terror needs to be unified.

Do You Have Enough Power in Your Life?

Joyce Meyer

There's nothing more valuable than the presence of God in our lives. And my goal for teaching about God's presence and anointing is to increase your desire to completely and promptly obey God. Because the more we love, trust and obey God, the stronger His anointing will be in our lives.

170 Muslim Refugees Had Me Surrounded

David Curry Open Doors USA

They had surrounded me, 170 Syrian refugees, all Muslims. As the CEO of Open Doors USA, an organization that advocates for and supports persecuted Christians throughout the world, I often travel to far-flung locations to talk face-to-face with those affected by religious violence.

Ask Chuck: Biblical Lessons From Losing $4.5 Billion

Chuck Bentley

I have been fascinated by the news stories about the embattled founder of the medical testing company Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, who lost $4.5 billion – BILLION – and it is really hard to understand how someone can go from the top of Forbes richest people list to the bottom. Is there Biblical advice on how to avoid that kind of rise and fall?

Clinton vs. Trump, Brexit and Limited Government

Gordon Boronow

Many people I've talked to recently are disappointed with the choices of presumptive Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That's understandable. Both Clinton and Trump are flawed candidates, vehemently opposed by significant portions of the population.

10 Reflections on Our Time With Donald Trump

Larry Tomczak

What started as an interesting idea to convene 300 Christian leaders in New York for a time with Donald Trump literally exploded in weeks! The interest was so overwhelming that special ID badges had to be made to accommodate over 1,000 who eventually came from all over America.

Orlando Massacre: Compassion for Gays Doesn't Mean You Have to Agree With Them

rick mcdaniel

The Orlando tragedy has touched everyone in America. The response from the Christian community has been incredible. A diverse group of Christian leaders such as Bill Hybels, Christine Caine, T.D. Jakes, Samuel Rodriguez and Russell Moore have tweeted and written strong messages of support for the victims, their families and the larger LGBT community.

God Doesn't Need You to 'Hipsterfy' His Gospel

matt moore

Why is it, though, that so many Christians in my generation feel like our presentation of the gospel should always be saturated with personality and spunk? Why must our communication of biblical truth always be jam-packed with witty humor? Why do they moan and complain about a plain and clear delivery of the gospel, calling it boring and ineffective?


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Naghmeh Abedini

Naghmeh Abedini Tells Christians: My Family Found Jesus as Muslim Immigrants to America

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of formerly imprisoned American Pastor Saeed, says she and her family came to America as Muslim immigrants before converting to Christianity after witnessing the love of Jesus Christ exhibited by those who helped her.

Teen Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba After Church Trip

Lauren Seitz

National and local health officials in North Carolina are investigating after a beloved Christian teenager died Sunday due to an infection from a rare brain-eating amoeba she might have contracted while rafting during a church trip at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte.

First Presbyterian Church

Pennsylvania Megachurch Votes to Leave PCUSA for Theologically Conservative Presbyterian Group

A Pennsylvania megachurch's congregation voted overwhelmingly Sunday to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) over theological differences on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey: 'Free State of Jones' Is a Real-life 'Love Thy Neighbor' Film (Exclusive Clips)

"Free State of Jones" releases exclusive faith scenes featuring Matthew McConaughey as Newt Knight, and the actor says his character's moral code was rooted in the Bible.

(Photo: Reuters/Andrea Comas)

Brexit Fallout: Stocks Tumble and EU Asks UK to Leave 'As Soon As Possible'

Days after United Kingdom voters decided through referendum to leave the European Union, foreign ministers from the E.U.'s six founding member states asked Britain to start the exit process and designate a new prime minister as soon as possible so that the economic fallout is not prolonged.

(Photo: Reuters/Tony Gentil)

Many Christians No Longer View Marriage as Lifelong Commitment, EPPC Director Says

Many Christians no longer view marriage as a lifelong commitment, says Mary Hasson, director of the Catholic Women's Forum at the Ethics & Public Policy Center in Washington D.C., who agrees with Pope Francis' assertion that couples often fail to understand the sacred vows they are making to each other.