LifeWay Partners with Pure Online in Blight of Rising Sexual Addictions

LifeWay announced its partnership with Pure Online to help millions suffering from sexual addiction and pornography in an age where pornographic web pages are increasing at an unprecedented rate.

"LifeWay wants to recognize what a blight sexual addiction and pornography have become in this culture," said Bruce Mills, manager of online learning in LifeWay’s e-business department, in a released statement. "We hope to help people get the support for the recovery they need."

In the past five years, the number of commercial pornography web pages on the Internet has increased by nearly 1,800 percent, according to Internet filtering company N2H2. And according to Pure Online, 70 million different individuals each week view at least one adult website on a global basis.

"There's been massive growth in the Internet pornography industry, but I saw little growth in the area of combating that addiction," said Pure Online’s founder and chief executive officer Brandon Cotter, according to LifeWay.

While sexual addictions have been prevalent throughout the world, its reality remained hidden in the church. Whether a teenager, man, woman or pastor, Pure Online was developed as the first, online, confidential solution for dealing with pornography addiction.

"Pure Online came about as a way to help solve this very real Internet need," said Cotter.

The site offers sessions of streaming video with such speakers as Craig Gross, pastor and founder of, and Joe Dallas, licensed counselor and program director of Genesis Counseling, to help people in the recovery process.

Users are ensured with the security of anonymity, but are also prepared for accountability.

"We believe that accountability is a vital part of the process," said Cotter.

The LifeWay and Pure Online partnership will be launched with a live web cast on Dec. 14. The "Live on the Web" event encourages pastors to participate to gain a better understanding of sexual addiction and be presented with ways to better approach the issue.

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