Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Colorado Civil Unions Bill Dies in Special Session

A Colorado House committee rejected Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper's proposal for civil unions, which he calls a "fundamental question of fairness and civil rights," in a razor-thin 5-4 vote along party lines during a special legislative session Monday.

Tar Heel State Could Be 'Tar Pit' for Dems in 2012

North Carolina is one of a handful of states that Democrats know they will have to win if President Obama has a chance of staying in the White House for a second term. And with the state's voters soundly rejecting same-sex marriage and some unions boycotting the Democratic National Convention later this summer, winning may prove to be a difficult task.

Gay Adoption 'Fine' With Romney

On the heels of President Obama's comments that he is now supporting same-sex marriage, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday said he is "fine" with homosexual couples adopting children.

Santorum Officially Joins 'Team Romney;' Says They Agree on Abortion, Marriage

Former Pennsylvania Sen. and GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has made it official in a letter to his supporters – he is endorsing Mitt Romney for president. Santorum met with Romney last Friday and said the meeting gave him the confidence he needed to extend his formal blessing. More importantly, he said they agree on the issues of abortion and marriage.

Billy Graham Endorses NC Marriage Amendment Before State Vote

Renowned evangelist Billy Graham issued a statement voicing his support for an amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, just under a week before North Carolina citizens will vote on the issue. Notably, Graham's endorsement is rare given that he typically avoids political issues.

Obama Proclaims May 3 as National Day of Prayer Amid Protest

President Obama signed his annual proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer, a traditional that began under President Truman in 1952. However, some atheists and secular groups are planning protests and are asking the annual day be discontinued.

Gay GOP Group in 'Ongoing' Discussions With Romney Campaign, RNC

Log Cabin Republicans, a gay political action group, is in "ongoing" discussions with Mitt Romney's campaign and the Republican National Committee on a variety of issues, said the group's director, which most likely includes same-sex marriage and employment discrimination policies. The group will be meeting over the summer to determine whether to endorse Romney prior to the GOP convention.