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  • In woke schools, the only thing being assigned is gender

    Maybe Democrats have decided that they don't need parents to win elections. That certainly wasn't the case in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin (R) was just inaugurated as governor because his opponent thought schools knew better than moms and dads. And it probably won't be the case in Michigan either, but that hasn't stopped the state's tone-deaf Democrats from telling parents to get out of education — and stay out.

  • Those who mourn and the sanctity of life

    In the process, I came to see that I had created a self-serving fantasy. In my innocent fiction, I was a wonderful father who raised a son who would avoid all the mistakes I had made. He would achieve everything I hadn’t.

  • Vaccines vs. living a healthy life

    People who voluntarily live an unhealthy lifestyle will not lower their blood pressure or unclog their arteries by wearing a mask or taking multiple vaccine shots. Although it is probably too much to ask, they should stop deluding themselves into thinking that they will be “safe” and healthy by following the latest dictates issued by Dr. Fauci.

  • Don’t dis the Old Testament

    While talking with someone about a culturally moral issue, I referred to a statement made in Scripture to back up my opinion. At that point, the other person laughed and said, “Yeah, well the Bible also says not to wear clothing made of two different materials.” Ever had that happen to you? If so, how did you respond?

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