Iraqi Christians Facing Extinction After 1,400 Years Forgive ISIS of Genocide 'In the Name of Christ'

Iraqi Christians are reaching out with forgiveness to the Islamic radicals who have murdered, tortured, and raped their communities, even as they face an existential struggle for survival.


Florida Teacher of the Year's Facebook Post on Shooting Goes Viral: Challenges Parents, Talks God

A Facebook post from a Florida middle school educator who was named teacher of the year has gone viral following the mass school shooting last week. In it, she issues a challenge to parents and talks about God's intentions.

Church & Ministries

Southern Baptist Pastor Shane Hall Dies From Stomach Cancer Days After Baptizing Daughter

Just days after baptizing his young daughter Mallory, Shane Hall, the beloved pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, died following a three-year battle with stomach cancer on Friday. He was 46.




The World Is Watching and So Is God


Students today are much different because of the latest cultural disruption — the smartphone. This age is one of instant and unrelenting technology that beams terrorism, radical political division, financial and environmental destabilization at us 24/7 in the palm of our hand. We can't escape seeing and knowing. Young minds can't escape bullying or the threat of becoming ostracized as texting and social media overpower their ability to be individuals.

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