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Canadian church fined $83K for holding in-person worship service with over 10 people

A church in Canada has been fined $83,000 for holding an in-person worship service attended by more than 10 people and has continued to resist the restrictions imposed by the Reopening Ontario Act that places strict limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

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New WEA head details core beliefs of 600 million evangelicals worldwide in inaugural speech

The World Evangelical Alliance officially handed over its top leadership position to Bishop Thomas Schirrmacher on Saturday, with the new secretary-general and CEO of the global organization of evangelical churches detailing what it means to be evangelical.

5 other times the US Capitol was attacked

Here are five times when the U.S. Capitol was the scene of armed attacks by gunmen and domestic terror groups. These include the invasion of British troops during the War of 1812, a bombing by the Weather Underground, and a mass shooting of congressmen by Puerto Rican nationalists.  

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