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Christians Under House Arrest in China Amid Crackdown on Churches

Authorities in China's central Henan Province have imposed an effective ban on Christian gatherings and placed several Christians under house arrest without charge as the Communist government continues to crack down on churches across the country, according to a report.


What Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Said About God, Heaven


The famed astrophysicist, who struggled for most of his life with ALS, left the shackles of his withered body on March 14th, his soul launched into a Christ-less eternity. He had a huge impact as a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. While he made references to God, he remained a staunch atheist to the end.


7 Potentially Deadly Church Sicknesses

For the past two years, I have been monitoring the comments and challenges mentioned by church leaders. I am attempting to answer the question: What is hindering many of our churches from achieving health and vitality?


How We Can Help Children Find Their Calling


Everyone who has been through elementary school has been asked the basic question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" When we ask that question, we are teaching children that your job is an important part of your identity. But how much help do we really give kids in figuring out why vocation is important?

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Christians, Get Ready for Persecution in the West


I firmly believe there is a trend being established in the Western world. It's subtle in nature but if you are carefully watching what is going on, you will discern that the tide of public opinion is rapidly turning against true Bible-believing Christians. It is time for followers of Jesus to get ready for persecution in the West.


America Needs Revival but It Must Start With Me


I'll be honest with you: I can be quick to say, "That person needs Jesus." Truthfully, I need Jesus just as much (if not more sometimes) than when I make unhealthy comments like that. Recently, I've come to realize that instead of constantly praying for revival "in other people" I need to first be praying for revival within myself.

7 Reasons Churches Don't Grow


They're not friendly enough. There have been far too many times I've walked through the foyer of a church and NOT been greeted or said hello to or helped. First impressions matter.