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  • A different kind of Christian

    That's what I want to be. Because an awful lot of people don't really like the kind of Christian they're seeing. And that's a big deal. Because it's keeping them from Jesus.

  • Why I avoid using a dirty biblical word

    I have learned that there is one word that shouldn’t be used in modern Christianity. If I use it now, I’m taking a risk that you won’t even finish reading this article. It’s a turnoff for so many Christians, even though it’s the very reason the Church exists. 

  • Will evangelicals become alt-right?

    Certain segments of the alt-right are targeting evangelical Christians, according to Religious Left scholars. But they don’t target Christians for persecution. No, they believe they can convert evangelicals to their racist way of thinking.

  • Would you even like Jesus?

    Jonathan Trotter in a recent Instagram post asked an intentionally provocative question—one that I have never been asked: Would I have liked Jesus had I met him during His life?

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