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The Real Reason for the Left's Double Standard on Hate Speech

Why is it that organizations like the SPLC can designate conservative Christians as hate groups while ignoring radical leftists like Antifa? Why is that Facebook and Google and YouTube and Twitter appear to punish conservatives disproportionately for alleged violations of community guidelines? The answer is as disturbing as it is simple.


3 Reasons We Struggle


What many don't understand from Scripture is that there are even more stages of salvation in the life of a follower of Christ.


The Beautiful Truths of Ezekiel 18


Each person is held accountable for their own actions. Understanding this truth has brought me great peace. We are responsible for getting the message of the gospel out there. We give defenses for the faith. But ultimately, each person is responsible for him or herself.


The Latest Discovery About the Universe Points to an Even Greater Mystery


While the rate of cosmic movement is now being debated within the scientific community, one fact is clear, and this simple truth has profound implications: The universe is expanding. As astronomers and cosmologists imagine rewinding the cosmic clock, the most reasonable inference is that the expansion of the universe (like the expansion of the balloon) had a beginning.

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As a Nation, We Have Forgotten God


When I was a kid, there was an expression: "Stop the world. I want to get off." Glancing at the headlines sometimes make me feel that way. Why is America seemingly sinking into the abyss?


In Charlottesville, 'There Were Bad People on All Three Sides'


It is now a year since the violent racial clashes on August 11 and 12, 2017, in sweet Charlottesville, Virginia. There were three bad factions whose foolish purposes clashed violently, leaving one person dead, worsening racial misunderstanding, and obscuring the real racial issues in Virginia and in our country.


Life Is Not Easy but God Uses Everything


We conducted a professional survey with our entire church. One of the many questions we asked our congregation that day was the following: What topic would be of most interest to you during a Sunday sermon? There were two topics people asked us to address: finding purpose and marriage.

Jentezen Franklin: No More Friendly Fire From Christians


I am shocked and saddened to see the attack that some pastors, who have been working over the course of the last year in order to help advocate for long-needed prison sentencing reform, received at the hands of thousands of their social media followers, many of which I'm sure they consider friends. And some are just vicious and outright evil.


Praying for the Needs of Others

Praying for the needs of others is something each of us can do better. Not only personally, but in our own church. I have great interest in how my own church can learn to do this more effectively.


Filling a Void With Material Things


Amazon Prime day just recently took place and I found lots of great deals. While big sales like this can be great for saving us money, I actually was saddened by the number of people I saw trying to fill a void with stuff.


Why Doesn't God Give Everyone a Miracle?


Some years ago, a friend of mine told me how, after losing his wife to cancer, he encouraged his embittered young adult children to return to church. One kid asked, "Dad, if God answered all those prayers, why didn't he answer ours?"


3 Unlikely Paradoxes Jesus Got Right

In the Bible we often find strange truths that seem, well, counterintuitive (if not contradictory). In reading the words of Jesus, I've identified at least three of these truths that are significant. So significant, in fact, that grasping them could radically change everything about us.


More Lessons Learned From Willow Creek

It's an awful thing when a woman, let alone multiple women, are hurt by a male leader. It is equally egregious when an organization doesn't appear to leap to a woman's defense regardless of the consequences. I'm thankful for the influence Bill has had on my life and that Willow has had on Crossroads. But these are times to continue to learn lessons from Bill and Willow.


Trump: Driving Liberals Crazy


When it comes to President Trump, the lefties have literally lost their collective minds. Say the words "Donald Trump" and many unleash a primal scream. They run around as if their hair is on fire. I have never seen anything quite like this and I've been a political junkie since the late 1970s.