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Patrick Garcia Named Lead Pastor at The Hills Church After Controversial Crossroads Firing

Just two months after his controversial firing from his lead pastor role at the multi-campus Crossroads Christian Church in Indiana, Patrick Garcia re-emerged amid a standing ovation Sunday as the lead pastor of The Hills Church, created by former Crossroads leaders and members.




Donald Trump Is Not the Christ and Donald Trump Is Not the Antichrist

What does surprise me is when a fellow-believer in Jesus tells me I'm a heretic and non-believer since I sometimes take issue with the president. The simple truth is that Donald Trump is the president, not the Messiah (and not the antimessiah, better known as the antichrist). Is this so hard to grasp?


Pastor Brunson's Release: A View From the Courtroom


The hearing opened with a girl in a wheelchair testifying for the prosecution. She said she didn't know Pastor Brunson, but she knew people who went to his church. She was questioned about whether these people were associated with terror groups. While such witness testimony might seem normal, an understanding of how the evidence has been manipulated in this case from the beginning helps one see that politics (not justice) is driving it.


Church, the Nation Needs You Now More Than Ever!


The nations stand, again on the brink of another period of protests and demonstrations. Every incident of another shooting of an African American male sends an already racially charged city sitting on a powder keg with a match lit and bracing to set the place on fire anew. What can the congregation and should we do? What can we do?


No One Knows the Future

We can never go back in time. Not for a second. The past is gone forever. Nor can we know what's going to happen in the future. We only have now. Even weather forecasters don't know what tomorrow will bring.


A New Battle in Fredericksburg, Virginia


There's a retirement community in Fredericksburg that wants to evict a retired Lutheran minister (in his 80s) and his wife if he continues to hold Bible studies there, which many of the residents have asked him to do.


Pat Robertson, Murder & Saudi Arabia

Pat Robertson semi-regularly excites controversy with provocative comments, typically made on his daily television program 700 Club. Most recently he ignited widespread denunciation for seeming to minimize journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder by Saudi operatives. Robertson stressed the importance of USA arms sales to Saudi Arabia.


How to Live a Long Life

I know a number of people whose life's motto is that everyone out there is trying to either rob or kill them. Years ago, I would have laughed it off as paranoia. But nowadays I think it's somewhat justified.


The 2 Olive Trees


Lately we are seeing in the news an alarming number of pastoral failures. Emotional burnout and moral infidelities among pastors keeps rising. I think it was about eighteen years ago when it hit me that God is all about team ministry.

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Why the Church and World Can't Afford to Lose US Millennials


Fifty-nine percent of millennials who grow up in the US church drop out. We've pressed on with thoughtful outreach programs, and we have been fueled with evangelistic zeal. But when it comes to interacting and engaging with millennials, time and time again the church has been criticized for coming up short.


How to Share the Gospel With LGBT People (Part 1)


It is very important to know how to properly share the Gospel with those who would consider themselves LGBT. As Christians living in our current culture, we have a responsibility to share the Gospel with everyone, regardless of how they define their sexual identity.


Furious Man Rants About Pedophile Priests


Recently, a very angry man took out his frustrations on me because of pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church. I don't blame him for being angry. His language would curl your ear hair, but I certainly felt his pain.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?


Iconic Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine caused outrage when she once asked if the Nazi Holocaust victims suffered because of their sins in past lives. "Karma" seems to give a reason as to why God allows or even sanctions suffering.


Reformation Hymns


Reformation Sunday is coming up on October 28. In our church, each year on Reformation Sunday we sing Reformation hymns, that is, hymns that in some way connect to the Reformers and the movement they sparked.

The Problem With Feel-Good Church


I remember feeling something I had never expected to feel at a church; welcomed. As quickly as I had stepped into an environment that felt accepting and welcoming, the tides began to change. A pastor was preaching things out of the Bible that opposed the way I was currently living my life. He said things I didn't like. He said things that made me get defensive.


The Death of Free Speech in America

The unholy alliance between radical Islamists and radical leftists has resulted in a modern-day America our founders would not recognize. America, despite being known for its protection of free speech, is now a country where speaking the truth will leave you labeled a bigot or the new attack word, Islamophobic.