Travis Greene Unashamed of Gospel, 'No Regrets' for Trump Inauguration Show

Gospel recording artist Travis Greene recently received a 2018 Grammy nomination for "Best Gospel Album" and as the success of his modern style worship continues, the singer said he has no regrets performing at Donald Trump's inauguration ball earlier this year because God called him to be unashamed of the gospel in all areas.


Howard Dean Quotes Jesus in Slamming Conservatives on Tax Bill, Roy Moore

Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and six term governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, quoted Scripture Thursday in slamming the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and conservatives who continue to support embattled Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

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Mark Lowry Takes on Controversial Church Topics at the Dinner Table With Friends (Watch)

"Dinner Conversations" is a new show and video podcast by award-winning Christian artist and comedian Mark Lowry and author and singer Andrew Greer who sit down at the dining table to discuss real topics that Christians are faced with on a daily basis.



Avoiding the Christmas Spending Trap


The commercialization of Christmas feels like a big financial trap! My husband and I want to show love to our kids and family but the pressure to spend and borrow just to put a bunch of packages under the tree seems ridiculous.


Are Secular Folks Rethinking Sex?


Unless you've been under a rock for the last few weeks, you've heard about the plethora of #MeToo reports of sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated by politicians, actors and the news media.


The Big Bang View of Racism


Christ understood what many of us do not – that our fundamental problem isn't the systems or structures under which we live as a society. They are merely symptoms of the problem.

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Sorry, ACLU. Gay Is Not the New Black

Jack Phillips, a Christian cake artist who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado has run his business for years according to his religious convictions. He is a gentle, kind and loving soul. He serves everyone, just not every event.


Defender of the Faith Defends His Integrity


Ravi Zacharias was an atheist until the age of seventeen, when he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. At the hospital, a Christian worker brought him a Bible and asked his mother to read to him from John 14. When he heard verse nineteen, "Because I live, you also will live," he committed his life to Christ.