Little Sisters of the Poor to Battle Calif., Penn. Efforts to Overturn New HHS Rules

The Little Sisters of the Poor are returning to court to stop the attorneys general of California and Pennsylvania from overturning a recently acquired exemption to the Health and Human Services Department's new birth control mandate exemption.

#RedWednesday: Churches, Christians Shine Light on Persecution With 'Color of Martyrdom'

Hundreds of buildings and churches around the world are being lit up in red, with Christians also encouraged to wear red, as persecution watchdog groups mark #RedWednesday, an initiative aimed at drawing attention to the plight of persecuted believers.


Catholic Ministry Inspired by Samaritan's Purse to Give 60,000 'Box of Joy' Gifts This Christmas

The Christian Post recently join Cross Catholic Outreach as they gathered in South Florida to pack Box of Joy gifts for children around the world. James Cavnar, president of the organization, revealed that he was inspired by Samaritan's Purse to approach Catholic churches to follow in the evangelical organization's footsteps during the holidays.

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Dreamers Are Thankful


With the recent cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, these are especially difficult times for nearly 800,000 DACA recipients.


End the Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

The recent passage of mandatory E-Verify by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee brings us one step closer to ending the root cause of most illegal immigration into the United States – outlaw businesses that hire illegal immigrants.


Roy Moore's Most Pathetic Argument


Roy Moore and many of his supporters argue that the sexual misconduct allegations against him aren't credible because the alleged events occurred 30 to 40 years ago. That's pathetic. Here are three reasons why.


Evangelical Pastors Show Christ's Love by Opposing Muslim Bigotry


If ever there was a time when we needed the witness of Christian love that drives out fear, it is now! And that is why I have been so encouraged by a two-year conversation evangelical pastors in the South have been having about the role the Church must play in addressing growing fears of American Muslims — fears that have fueled hate, division, and worse in our communities.

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Why Purgatory Is a Dangerous Doctrine


Most people who experience guilt over their sins seek some form of spiritual relief. It is only natural to want some assurance that our Creator will not hold our sins against us, right?


Climate Change and the Christian Faith


Shouldn't we, as Christians, heed the call of our Savior and protect the least of our brethren? Shouldn't we resist the call to end fossil fuel use and substitute more expensive, less reliable energy sources?


CEO Wants His Company to Make More Mistakes


James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola Co., said: "If we're not making mistakes, we're not trying hard enough." Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, told a technology conference that his company has too many hit shows. "We have to take more risk . . . to try more crazy things . . . we should have a higher cancel rate overall."


President Trump: About Those Al Franken Tweets


Certainly, Franken's actions are inexcusable, and he will face the heat for those actions in the Senate and beyond. But this happened more than 10 years ago, similar to your infamous conversation with Billy Bush about what you, as a star, could do to women.


7 Ways Being Nice Hurts Your Church

Unfortunately, I've seen it again and again. Church leaders and members sacrifice the health and good of the church for fear of hurting one or a few persons. The body is sacrificed for the sake of a few members. We think we are being nice, but we are hurting the church.