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3 Common Sentences of Dying Churches

Thom Rainer

You don't have to wait until a church closes its doors to hear some of the sentences that led to its death. Indeed, these three sentences, or something similar to the words, are pervasive in too many churches.

Praising Jesus, MMA Fighter Beats Opponent to Bloody Pulp. Wrong?

Michael Brown

God alone knows the heart and only He can judge who belongs to Him and who doesn't, but there is something exceedingly strange about a fighter pulverizing his or her opponent, leaving them bloody, dazed, and broken on the floor, while giving honor to Jesus Christ who gave them the victory. How can this be?

Is 'Once an Addict, Always an Addict' True?

Craig Gross

Just yesterday, someone asked me if I even believe that it is possible to be free from addiction to pornography anymore or if we're just selling false hopes and future failures under the guise that freedom is actually real.

'Race' Is a Myth

Matt Barber

It's often said, "There is only one race — the human race." While the phrase has become almost cliché in repetition, it happens to be 100 percent accurate, both scientifically and theologically speaking.

I Finally Discovered the Source of My Anxiety

matt moore

A close relative once told me, "Matt, you've always been a worrier. Even when you were a child — the one time in life when you shouldn't have a care in the world — you always seemed on edge or troubled about something. I have never been able to wrap my mind around it!"

Am I Racist for Criticizing Rioters?

Michael Brown

I get called all kinds of names on a regular basis — from Hitler to homophobe and from pitiful to pathological — but I don't get called a racist all that much (unless, of course, I'm speaking against radical Islam, which somehow makes me a racist, as if Islam was a race and as if criticizing murderous religionists was unfair).

India Is Quietly Shining a Light on the Refugee Crisis

Joseph D\'souza

Earlier this summer, around mid-July, India introduced a bill to its 1955 Citizenship Act. The bill, if passed, will not only prioritize foreign ethnic and religious minorities for citizenship, but will cut their naturalization wait time from eleven to six years.

Ask Chuck: How to Deal With Workplace Gossip?

Chuck Bentley

Dear Chuck, I'm trying to fit in to a new workplace, and I'm on the outside of a lot of the conversations and office gossip. I want to join in, but sometimes the talk gets so hurtful or goes a direction I just don't want to follow. Does the Bible have anything to say about how to talk to people in my office?

9 Reasons Men Should Stay Away From Porn

tyler ward

Pornography has little to do with sex and everything to do with fantasy. And if not confronted, this addiction to fantasy can become a consuming fire threatening all quality of life. So before you go looking again for that woman on the screen, here are nine reasons to stay away from porn.


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Hillary Clinton

Law That Hillary Clinton Wants Repealed Saved Over 2 Million Lives, Study Finds

A law restricting the federal funding of abortion that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton supports repealing is credited by a recent study with saving more than 2 million lives.


ESV Bible Revisions Won't Be Permanent Says Crossway: 'The Decision Was a Mistake'

Just a little over a month after its announcement that the text of the English Standard Version Bible will remain unchanged in all future editions, Crossway is now "convinced that this decision was a mistake" and would "allow for ongoing periodic updating of the text."

Ayesha Curry
(Photo: Little, Brown and Company)

Ayesha Curry on Misconceptions About Christianity, Being an Effective Witness for Christ (Interview)

Ayesha Curry has been piling her proverbial plate with the business of building her own food empire from scratch. But more than focusing on cementing a name for herself in the food industry, the cookbook author and future Food Network host is planning to use her platform to serve as a witness for Jesus Christ.

(Photo: Reuters/Social media via Reuters TV)

ISIS' Barbaric Executions Actually Mimic North Korea's Public Killing of Christians?

While much in the international news today is dominated by the utter barbarity and heinousness in how the Islamic State tortures and executes its victims, a look back in history shows that it's possible the jihadis have taken pages from the torturous playbook of the authoritarian North Korean government.

Little Couple
(Photo: Courtesy of CCAI/Erica Baker Photography)

TLC's 'The Little Couple' Talk About the Challenges, Joys of Adopting Two Foreign Born Children

A married couple of reality television fame that has adopted children from overseas like to say that even though their children were born in Asia, it's almost as though they are biologically related.