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  • For what robot did Jesus die?

    Recently, amazing claims have been made about robots. One of them is that people will start to fall in love with robots. Another is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will one day eclipse man. There is even the claim that AI will one day eclipse God.

  • Why do we wrestle over Jesus’ ethnicity?

    The debate over Jesus’ ethnicity has existed since the earliest days of Christianity. There are no descriptions of his physical appearance in the Bible. Some speculate it’s intentionally been left out to keep the mystery of God intact. Why?

  • Abortion, miscarriage and human dignity

    My wife and I suffered a miscarriage in October of last year. When we lost our little girl in the first trimester of my wife’s pregnancy, we lost our daughter. Not a clump of cells, not just a fetus, but our own flesh-and-blood child.

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