Matt Chandler, Russell Moore Horrified by 'Show Dogs' Film Over 'Child Grooming,' Genital Touching

Evangelical ethicist Russell D. Moore has joined other parents online expressing their "horror" at an interpretation of the children's movie "Show Dogs," released last week, which some say could be used to promote child grooming and sexual abuse.

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Why Some Christians Are Not Open to the Holy Spirit: Scot McKnight


A New Testament scholar is tackling a subject that has confounded sincere Christians across the ages: the identity and function of the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. And, he maintains, many Christians in the West remain closed to the Spirit and are hampered by fear when it comes to relating to Him and tapping into his power.


Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' Shows Rape of Teen Boy With Mop Handle; Watchdog Demands Cancellation

A leading family television watchdog is calling on the online streaming service Netflix to pull its series "13 Reasons Why" as scenes in the show's second season show a teen being sodomized with a mop handle and the same teen plotting a school shooting in revenge.


Gospel of John Transforms Animistic Headhunters Into Jesus Heart Hunters: Int'l Day for the Unreached

All it took was a single copy of the Gospel of John to transform a tribe of animistic headhunters into followers and preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a missionary leader revealed at the International Day for the Unreached prayer event on Sunday.


Is Biblical Truth No Different Than the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate?

The Yanny vs. Laurel debate has taken the internet by storm. The offshoot of all this is simple (and scary): Two sincere people can hear (or see) two different things at one and the same time, even though they're hearing (or seeing) the very same thing. But that does mean that all truth is up for grabs?


Royal Wedding and Episcopal Love


The wedding sermon from Episcopal Church USA Michael Curry justifiably has earned rave reviews for compelling delivery and a love-soaked message very appropriate for a wedding, royal or otherwise.


The Misleading Language of the Social Justice Movement

For the only way to objectively determine if this multiethnic vision that the 11 o'clock hour on Sunday morning no longer remains "the most segregated hour in America", if that's the case at all, is by visually observing and monitoring how many people of varying shades of melanin are occupying the pews on any given Sunday morning.

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3 Words of Encouragement While We Wait for Christ's Return


It can be difficult to remember the security of our eternity when we are facing the ugly realities of a sinful and fallen world. In a time when human life is devalued, when virtue is weakened or even shamed, and when our God is continually shoved out of a culture that constantly claims to esteem love above everything else, it is tempting for God's people to fall into discouragement and even despair.


How to Have Eternal Life


What teachings of the scriptures encapsulate the requirements for eternal life? We're going to look at some scriptures, and some instructions in those scriptures for how to receive eternal life, live it out on Earth, and how to be found as a faithful servant when we meet Jesus in heaven.


Anne Frank's Lost Diary Entries Are About More Than Dirty Jokes


Earlier this week, news broke that researchers, using new digital technology, have deciphered two previously hidden pages of Anne's red-checkered diary. News accounts suggest they contain "dirty jokes" that had been deliberately covered over (presumably by Anne) with brown masking paper and tape.


Should the Church Avoid Politics?


Before Fox News and CNN, the pulpit was where people acquired their information. Spurgeon preached against slavery. Martin Luther went against the political leaders of that day.


Why Gambling Is So Popular


This week, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. The landmark decision gives states the right to legalize betting on sports.

Right on Cue, the World Condemns Israel


Things are falling into place just as scripted by Hamas. The terrorist organization recruits and sends its young men on suicide missions. Israel responds with the expected force. The media reports the events along anti-Israel lines. Then the nations of the world rise up to condemn evil Israel.


On Rightly Hitching Our Wagons (A Response to Andy Stanley)


In many ways, it is a mistake to focus simply on Andy Stanley's sermon, for in doing so we run the risk of getting distracted from a larger and more important reality: that the kind of position Andy has articulated is not unusual in the contemporary church worldwide. And it is this fact, rather than the words of one preacher in one sermon, that we ought to find truly disturbing.


Should My Diagnosis Stop Me From Paying Off My Mortgage?


I want to pay off my mortgage! My financial advisor says no since I am 1 year into my cancer healing journey and about to be laid off in June. But I'll have 6 months savings in my emergency fund even after paying off my mortgage. Should I be debt free or hold off?