Fired Crossroads Pastor Patrick Garcia Thanks Elders as Hundreds Call for His Reinstatement

Two days after elders at Crossroads Christian Church in Indiana described him as a power-hungry, inexperienced leader who wanted "complete control," fired Pastor Patrick Garcia thanked them for the opportunity they gave him to lead.


Trump Harms Religious Freedom by Intolerance to Some, Favoritism to Evangelicals, NYT Says; FRC Responds

Evangelical leaders have responded to the New York Times' claim that the Trump administration is undermining its own priority of protecting religious freedom by emphasizing the policy priorities of evangelical Christians.

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Your Husband Is Not Your Priest


Having spent many years in complementarian and patriarchal circles, I often heard the teaching that "Husbands are to be prophets, priests, and kings in their homes". I didn't question it at the time, but I now find it to be completely unbiblical.


Why Personal Character Matters for Public Office


Although a public official's private life is not always or in every way relevant to public office, and although public officials should not be held to unreasonable moral standards, it is nonetheless true that personal character matters for public office.

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A Tale of 2 Serpents: Moses and the British Medical Association


Disturbing leaked guidance distributed to BMA members, says medical professionals should be allowed to remove tubes giving food and water to those who cannot feed themselves. Doctors will be enabled to decide to end the lives of patients with severe dementia or other degenerative diseases by effectively starving and dehydrating them.


This Is Not Satire. An Open Pedophile Is Running for Congress


A man who wants to legalize incest is running for public office and is not ashamed. This should not surprise us in the least. We have been heading in this direction for decades now. Some have called for sympathy and understanding for pedophiles. After all, we are reminded, they did not choose their feelings, and they are people like everyone else.


The Conditions of Unconditional Love Part 1


I have come in contact with believers who have been steeped in the "unconditional love" teachings. I have observed that they often exhibit an attitude, an attitude that corresponds greatly with the narcissism of our self-focused society. The attitude of self-entitlement!


7 Traits of Healthy Churches


A member of the Church Answers community recently asked about the characteristics of healthy churches today. Immediately, I began to review churches that were having great community impact, whose members regularly had gospel conversations, and whose leaders faithfully preached the Word with power every week.


Church and Climate Change — Love Thy Neighbor, With Truth

The Christian church worldwide has always sought to improve people's welfare. How then, in light of the best scientific and historical knowledge, ought the church to respond to climate change? Of all the environmental issues at our hand, climate change is the most controversial and most talked about issue in the last two decades.


Do Christians Really Want Pablum?


I'm aware, of course, that there are mega-churches famous for failing to preach against sin. And I'm aware that far too many leaders avoid addressing cultural issues like the plague. And to the extent that these ministries see "success," this would indicate that there is always a large audience for a non-confrontational, baby food gospel. But there are plenty of Christians who have no interest in pablum.


How to Fit Exercise Into Your Work Day


Most of us know it's not good for our health to sit all day, but many jobs involve hours of sitting. Many of us work long hours then have family and home responsibilities once we leave work. Is there a way to be productive at work and home while still getting the physical exercise we need each day?