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5 things Democratic Party must do to win back pro-life voters in 2020

Pro-life Democratic voters are warning the party and leading candidates that they must moderate their positions on abortion if they hope to have any chance of regaining ground lost to Republicans in recent years. 

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Christian 'Biggest Loser' winner on finding worth beyond the scale, purpose in motherhood

In an image-obsessed society, “Biggest Loser” winner and outspoken Christian Michelle Agular Whitehead is encouraging others to find purpose and worth beyond the number on a scale, as true, lasting joy is found in Christ alone. 

(Podcast) Leaving the occult: From New Age to Jesus

Steven Bancarz was ensnared in the New Age movement before he found himself surrendering to Jesus. Now a seminary student, Bancarz discusses how prevalent New Age beliefs are even among Christians, how churches may be contributing to the movement’s popularity, and what to watch out for.

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