Biden admin. takes new steps to combat Texas abortion law, tells abortionists 'we have your back'

As litigation surrounding Texas' controversial heartbeat abortion law continues, the Biden administration has unveiled new actions it is taking to ensure that women in the Lone Star state can obtain “safe and legal abortions.” 

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    The most recent example of mind-blowing hypocrisy goes one step further. The very same week that the Biden administration announced a massive vaccine mandate, Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that immigrants pouring through our borders did not need to be vaccinated. Can anyone possibly explain the rationale behind this? Anyone?

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    Spong insisted Christianity must reject the supernatural or die. But his own modernist school of thought has mostly died. Even Protestant liberalism has moved on. And “fundamentalism” as he would define orthodox Christianity is surging globally among people and cultures he would deem primitive.

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