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John Piper Misunderstands Depression, Pastor Says; Church Must Destigmatize Mental Illness

If depression does not relent, a pastor will cease to be a benefit his congregation, John Piper says. But another pastor who has lived through serious depression says what is needed is to destigmatize mental illness.


'Unfriended' Author Shares Harmful Impact of Social Media, How to Get Back to True Community

When people seem to have more of a relationship with their cell phone than they do with other people, there's a problem. And when social media becomes a place where people dump their garbage — all things mean and ugly — there's a problem. Popular Christian Media leader Joe Battaglia addresses those issues in his new book, Unfriended.



When You're #inthethickofit


I had a full-time job, but every month was still a struggle. We were always one unexpected bill or one car repair away from being homeless again. There was no such thing as hashtags back then, but if there had been, hashtags like #singlemomlife and #inthetrenches and #inthethickofit would have been recurring themes for us.


How God Used My Cancer to Help a Hospital in Russia


"I am a cancer survivor," I said. Many people in the room began to weep. Though they had wonderful doctors and nurses, their medical resources were almost non-existent. I looked into the faces of men and women who would surely be dead in a few months. "Yes, I am a cancer survivor," I told them. "But someday I will die, and so will you. Today, I have come to tell you how you can live forever."


When Nothing Is Left but Love


I was in my early thirties, established in my career and comfortable in my skin, but I was still nervous when the time came to meet my future mother-in-law. Would she like me as a person, approve of me as a daughter-in-law, accept me into the family, even with my bad-girl past?


The Root of Bitterness Endangers America


The current political tone and the debate over "civility" demonstrate that the "root" is growing rapidly in America, and is being nurtured by many important voices who douse the socio-cultural-political landscape with vitriol.

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The Humanity of Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters


Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. It was something the likes of which our nation has never seen. But the novelty isn't over yet, as the reactions, and the reactions to the reactions, continue to pour in. Division is increasing and it is toxic.


Evangelicals Can Disagree on Trump and Still Be Family


Given the volatility of today's political climate, it may surprise you to know that, on Judgment Day when we give account to God, His main question to us will not be: What did you do with Donald Trump? Yet for many of us who profess to be followers of Jesus, that's the big issue: Where do you stand with Trump?


The Proper Position for the Church: Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice

The issue of abortion is fraught and divides the church in the most unchristian way. The nature of the debate forces the Christian community to choose sides which engenders suspicion of the genuineness of each other's faith. The church cannot be anything but anti when it comes to abortion. But to be anti-abortion does not, and should not constrain us to an anti-choice only position.


How to Tap Into God's Secret Wisdom

God's secret wisdom is given to those who are humble in heart, and willing to admit they need the Lord's grace and guidance. God's secret wisdom is not given to the proud.