Kim Davis Tells Her Side of the Story, Says Mainstream Media Painted 'Unfair' Picture (Exclusive)

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who in 2015 spent six days in jail for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her conservative Christian beliefs, is now telling her side of the story — the side she says the media refuses to tell.


Entrepreneur Creates 'If-Then' Science-Inspired Journal to Help Christians Complete Daily Bible Reading

A West African entrepreneur is launching a new Bible journal employing the science of "if-then planning" to help busy Christians in a culture of distractions solidify their Bible-reading habits and quiet times.

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'I Can Only Imagine' Expected to Be Top-Selling Film on Opening Weekend

The faith-based film "I Can Only Imagine" hits theaters nationwide Friday and according to the popular American ticketing company Fandango and, the movie is already the top-selling feature film in theaters this weekend.


Syrian Priest Decries 'Shameful' Church for Failing to 'Scream' as Hellish Civil War Enters 8th Year

As Syria's civil war entered its eighth year Thursday, with millions still fleeing for their lives and the highest children's death toll, a priest has decried the global Church as "shameful" for failing to "shout and scream" for an end to the carnage.


Christians, Get Ready for Persecution in the West


I firmly believe there is a trend being established in the Western world. It's subtle in nature but if you are carefully watching what is going on, you will discern that the tide of public opinion is rapidly turning against true Bible-believing Christians. It is time for followers of Jesus to get ready for persecution in the West.


America Needs Revival but It Must Start With Me


I'll be honest with you: I can be quick to say, "That person needs Jesus." Truthfully, I need Jesus just as much (if not more sometimes) than when I make unhealthy comments like that. Recently, I've come to realize that instead of constantly praying for revival "in other people" I need to first be praying for revival within myself.

7 Reasons Churches Don't Grow


They're not friendly enough. There have been far too many times I've walked through the foyer of a church and NOT been greeted or said hello to or helped. First impressions matter.

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