Facebook Bans Paid Ads for Pro-Life Film Produced by MLK's Niece

Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece is speaking out against Facebook's decision to ban paid ads for a fundraising effort connected to her upcoming documentary that highlights the "real untold story" of abortion in the United States and the history of eugenics associated with Planned Parenthood.

Chick-fil-A Kicks Out Breastfeeding Mom, Warning Men Can See Her 'Indecency,' Later Asks Forgiveness

A Chick-fil-A restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota, is asking for forgiveness following a controversial decision to kick out a mother for breast-feeding her child, with the owner being accused of telling the woman that men can see her "indecency."

'Ghost Ship' With 8 Dead N. Koreans Washes Up in Japan During 'Unified Korea' Flag Announcement

While news of North and South Korea agreeing to march under a "unified Korea" flag at the upcoming Winter Olympics has sparked hopes for peace, a grim reminder of the harshness of life in the North washed up on the shores of Japan in a "ghost ship" that contained eight skeletal remains.


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Memphis Pastor Andy Savage Says He Offered to Resign Over Sexual Assault but Church Stood by Him

Teaching Pastor Andy Savage of Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tennessee, says he offered to resign from his post when he publicly confessed a week ago to his congregation that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old while he was her youth pastor in Texas 20 years ago.


Former Gigolo 'Mambo No. 5' Singer Turns to Jesus: Gets Baptized, Speaks in Tongues on Camera

"Mambo No. 5" singer Lou Bega sold millions of albums world-wide in the late '90s singing about the many women he was involved with but now an upcoming film will show that he's changed his life around and is living for Jesus.


Eritrean Christian Refused to Renounce Faith Even Through 13 Years of Suffering in Prison

An Eritrean Christian has opened up about the 13 years of suffering he underwent for his faith in prison, including being punished for months at a time in a confined cell where he could not even stretch his limbs. Despite the suffering, he refused time and time again to renounce his faith.


Sorry, But Profanity Is Still Profane

Maybe we can't stop the world around us from being worldly, but we can certainly step higher ourselves. Our calling is not to join in the ever-encroaching darkness. It's to shine brightly like lights.

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Stop Trying to Get God to Like You


Hopefully, at some point, the power of God's love will overwhelm you to the point that you would never settle for God merely liking you! Strive for more. Don't settle, until you settle in the depths of the Father's love for you.


Does Christianity Produce Agnostics?

While discussing religion with Stephen Colbert on the "Late Show," Ricky Gervais described himself as an "agnostic atheist." Gervais said, "No one knows if there's a God, so technically, everyone's agnostic. We don't know. An agnostic atheist is someone who doesn't know if there's a God or not, as no one does."

Racism and Abortion Have Plenty in Common

It's hard to believe there ever was a time in our country when the racist subjugation of one group of people was not considered a grave injustice. Such evil was never because of Christianity but in spite of it. This same error today, I believe, is being made with respect to abortion.


'This Is Not a Drill!'


There is no escaping the realities of life . . . and death, even in a place as beautiful as Hawaii. One day, it will not be a false alarm. Be ready for whatever emergency comes your way. There is no more important thing.


His Dream, My Reality


On August 28, 1963, the great reformer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech from the hallowed steps of the Lincoln Memorial.