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Christian Colleges fight lawsuit seeking to block Title IX religious exemptions

Christian universities are fighting a lawsuit filed by an LGBT legal group, which seeks to strip federal financial aid from college students for attending faith-based universities that espouse biblical beliefs on marriage, gender and sexuality. 

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  • Discord in the pews is an 'abomination' (book excerpt)

    In God’s list of things He hates (Prov 6:16–19), He places greatest emphasis on “one who sows discord among brothers.” He calls it an “abomination”! That should stop you dead in your tracks. You should be examining your own life right now to see if you are guilty of something that Almighty God hates so much.

  • Violence and the kingdom quest

    “Covid, Cocaine Take Europe to a ‘Breaking Point’,” warned an April 12 headline in Barron’s. The problem is that people in search of peace amidst the economic and other crises brought on by the pandemic have turned increasingly to drugs. “We are at the breaking point,” said Catherine De Bolle, a European Union official, in an interview with journalist Jan Hennop.

  • Don’t define the finish line

    We will never expand our capabilities until we are pushed to and brought face-to-face with our breaking point. And we may never truly experience the full power of God until we step way out of our comfort zone and cannot see the finish line.

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4 things to know about the border crisis

Nearly three months into President Joe Biden's first term in office, the southern border continues to experience a surge of migrants seeking entry into the United States as his administration works to undo his predecessor's policies meant to curb illegal immigration.

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