'Prayer Warrior' Pastor Tortured, Then Hung to Death in Church; Congregation Terrified

A pastor in India who was known for long five- to six-hour prayer sessions was found beaten, tortured and hung to death from the rafters of his church, parishioners said. The murder has deeply shocked the congregation.


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Urbana Director: Why Following God's Calling Doesn't Just Mean a Missions Trip

College students often get a bad rap when it comes to their faith. They're often cited as the age group that leaves the church in droves or is less religious overall. But the director of one of the largest Christian student missions conferences wants to clarify some things.



Church of England Advises Clergy to Use Baptism Rite to Celebrate Gender Transition

The Church of England's House of Bishops has decided against creating a new service to celebrate a person's gender transition. The bishops are advising that the church mark the transgender occasion instead with the existing baptism rite.


A Challenge for Never Trumpers: Are You Willing to Be Honest?

For many of you who could not vote for Trump, it was a matter of conscience. How could you be a "values voter" and yet vote for a man with such abysmal moral values, a thrice-married, playboy, billionaire? But I have a challenge for all of you who still identify as Never Trumpers: Are you willing to be as honest about the accomplishments of President Trump as you are about his failings?

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Sorry, But Profanity Is Still Profane

Maybe we can't stop the world around us from being worldly, but we can certainly step higher ourselves. Our calling is not to join in the ever-encroaching darkness. It's to shine brightly like lights.