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  • 8 blood points to the cross

    Christ’s blood was not only shed on the cross; it was first shed in the garden of Gethsemane where great drops mixed with sweat dripped to the ground as He agonized over the decision He had to make!  

  • The Lord’s Supper now!

    Jesus instituting the Lord’s Supper is a life-changing narrative.  Over time there have been many theories of the Lord’s Supper’s meaning – but I still find it uniquely helpful and delightful to return to the simple original ancient story.

  • Europe’s Christian heritage and the passion of Paris

    Historically, in one sense, Christianity clearly triumphed over the paganism of Rome. It survived persecution, and with the conversion of Constantine, even gained worldly power. The Roman Empire eventually fell, but Christianity not only survived but grew to be practiced around the globe. Yet in another sense, ...

  • Which Jesus will you worship this Holy Week?

    But did you know that there is “another Jesus” that the Scriptures warns us about? In fact, the Bible teaches that many of those who think they are Christians will be following the wrong Jesus this Easter Sunday – a very serious error because the “other Jesus” cannot save them from their sins.

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