Christians Could Be Killed Off in Nigeria by 2043 If Massacres Continue, Leaders Warn

Nigerian Christian leaders have warned that if the current rate of massacres continue, with hundreds of believers being killed each month, Africa's most-populous nation is on the brink of decimating its Christian population by 2043.



Trump: Media N. Korea Coverage 'Almost Treasonous;' Evangelicals More Thankful Than Jews for Jerusalem Embassy

President Trump told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in an interview that mainstream media's coverage of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "almost treasonous." He also revealed that evangelicals are more thankful than Jews for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Crying Girl in TIME's Trump Cover Presents False Image, Girl's Father Says


The Honduran father of a little girl pictured crying at the U.S. border with Mexico, which Time magazine and other publications have used to portray the outrage of separating families, and a Facebook campaign raised $18 million regarding, has said that the presented context of the photo is false, in the sense that the girl was never separated from her mother.

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New Trends in Church Names

Remember when denominational names were en vogue? Remember when you could figure out which denominational church came to the city first: First Methodist; First Baptist; First Presbyterian? Remember when you could tell two churches that split: Harmony Baptist Church and Greater Harmony Baptist Church?


Evangelizing Now and Then


When it comes to sharing the Gospel we have a motivation problem. Some Christians excuse their apathy by saying things like, "Well, that's the pastor's job" or "Evangelism is not my spiritual gift." Others think to themselves, "God is in charge of that stuff anyway. I can't save anyone."


Becoming a God-Possessed Generation


Elkanah faced trouble in the world, trouble in the church, and even trouble in his home. It seemed nothing was going right for Elkanah. Maybe that sounds familiar. But all God needs is one person committed wholeheartedly to Him to change everything.


How Does Music Mean?


Most people acknowledge that music, at its most basic level, expresses emotional content. However, articulating what that emotional content is can often be a challenge.

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When It Comes to Forgiveness, Remember How to Forget


For many of us, our painful memories are much like a rope tied to a stake in the ground. Just like this enormous elephant, we could break free at any time, but we are held captive based on what we remember. Since we think we cannot forget our past, it spills over into our peace in the present and sabotages our purpose for the future.


Thoughts on Crying Babies Dying Babies and Media Deception

The technique is proven and effective. Put a moving, highly effective, propagandistic photo on the front page (or cover) of your story. Cause a moral outrage in the public. Then, several days (or even weeks) later, print a retraction somewhere in the middle of your publication where few will find it: "We regret publishing a picture with a misleading caption." It works like a charm!


When We Forgive, That's When We Are Most Like God


Forgiveness is one of those rare subjects that impacts everybody. Whenever I teach on forgiveness I often ask how many in the room have been hurt by someone else and needed to forgive them? And then I ask how many have hurt someone else and needed to be forgiven? It's always unanimous.


A Lightsaber for Today's Church

In these Last Days, I believe what God is going to give the church is such a rich anointing that our Swords of the Spirit are going to be Holy Ghost empowered lightsabers that can cut through even the thickest walls an individual has put up resisting God's truths. What I am about to share with you is guaranteed to get you thinking!


America: Christian or Not?


Is America a Christian Nation? That's a conversation going on currently in Dallas, Texas, once a "Vatican" of the Evangelical Bible Belt, home of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and other denominations, headquarters city for many large Christian ministries, and location of several of the nation's largest churches.


How the Church Must Respond in the Wake of Sessions' Romans 13 Claim


It does not matter that the Church comes out with one voice in rejecting the policy of breaking up families. It does not matter that the misuse of scripture is called out for what it is. It does not even matter that the Methodist Church that Jeff Sessions belongs to has rebuked him for using scripture to support a policy that harms children. None of that matters in the long run if that is all the Church does.


Do Moral Values Change With the Times?

One of the most common objections I hear to biblical morality is short, succinct, and to the point: "It's 2018!" In other words, "How can you believe in such outdated values in this day and age?" But do morals change the way technology changes?


Quoting the Bible, Jeff Sessions, and a Warning About What's Coming Next


The purpose of this article is not to discuss the current immigration controversy. I am not here to take a partisan, political position, nor do I want to bash or defend President Trump. And my goal is not to get into a lengthy treatment of Romans 13, quoted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions with reference to our immigration policies. Instead, I'm here to issue a warning on what's coming next. Prepare for the next onslaught against the Bible.