Biden admin. ramps up deportation flights as border encampment swells to over 15,000 migrants

The Biden administration said it will be sending more than 15,000 migrants back to their home country under a Trump-era pandemic health measure. The Department of Homeland Security started flying the migrants back to Haiti on Sunday. A majority of the migrants who are being held under an international bridge in the border town of Del Rio, Texas, are Haitian, but many others are from Venezuela, Cuba and multiple African countries. 

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  • 3 things to remember when communicating about money

    Often the disconnect that happens during these offering moments is driven by a lack of clarity of what someone in the pew is actually giving to. It’s not that people don’t want to give, it’s that they don’t have a clear understanding of where the money is going and how the church will spend it. 

  • The UK is at a crossroads of conscience concerning assisted suicide

    A bill proposed in the Scottish Parliament would legalize physician-assisted suicide, adding Scotland to a growing list of countries that allow the practice. What the Scottish Parliament eventually decides to do with the bill will reveal something about the conscience of the nation. Will Scots choose to tell their fellow man their lives are worth living, or not?

  • Can changing your mind change your true gender?

    Jesus provides light that shines in the darkness; truth that defeats lies; facts that expose unscientific theories, and lasting freedom from oppressive bondage. God loves you so much that He sent His one and only Son to die on the cross for your sins. Christ can absolutely set you free!

  • Do pronouns matter?

    In between these questions, we must lovingly listen to their response. Because if we are only thinking about winning an argument or what we will say next, then we won't reflect Christ in our conversations, and that is the most critical part in all of this. We must walk with them and seek to understand the truth not as adversaries but as friends. This is how we tear down spiritual strongholds. Not by our arguments or ideas, but by reflecting Christ in all the small moments.

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Jailed Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai honored at Nat'l Catholic Prayer Event

A notable media entrepreneur and religious freedom advocate currently imprisoned in Hong Kong was honored with an award at the 2021 National Catholic Prayer Breakfast for his commitment to advancing the mission of the Catholic Church as a layperson. 

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