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  • From one perfectionist to another

    I am a recovering perfectionist. The “recovering” bit is a recent development. This unwanted personality defect has invaded different parts of my life to varying degrees for as long as I can remember. Sports, my work, my appearance, my faith—I’ve struggled in all of these areas and more.

  • Godlessness is reaching epidemic proportions

    Babies are aborted, children are discarded, and women are abused. Marriages are crumbling in record numbers and families are disintegrating. All of these conditions have skyrocketed in just one generation. People are all about being free, self-made, and autonomous.

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Ireland warns women against using abortion pill reversal that could save babies' lives

Women in Ireland are being warned against seeking the abortion pill reversal treatment that’s been successfully used in the U.S. to save babies’ lives. The Irish Department of Public Health is advising women that there is “no such thing” as abortion reversal and attempts to do so could result in either a miscarriage or an unhealthy outcome for the pregnancy.

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