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Hitler Was Not a Christian

Matt Barber

Yes, there have been evil men who have done evil things in the name of false Christianity. To a limited degree, Adolf Hitler was one such man. Still, and as even he frequently admitted outside the public eye, he was no Christian.

Is Donald Trump Racist? (Part I)

Ben Carson, Donald Trump

At first glance it would seem that the Republican Party is determined to ignore the minority vote this election year. After all, its presumptive nominee is a man with unprecedented unfavorable ratings among Blacks, Latinos and other communities of color.

Jesus Is Transgender?

Diogo Morgado, The Bible Series

When the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum in the 1960s, Christian ministers were forced to confront ugly, twisted misinterpretations of the Bible that categorized black Americans as something "other" than fully human and inferior to whites.

Why Can't I Quit Porn?

Teaching Your Child To Say \

It is difficult watching men spend years struggling to get themselves free of pornography. They keep saying, … Why can't I quit porn but seem to find no answers.

Turning to God Turns the Tide

dan delzell opinion page

Our life on earth often gets caught up in waves. Sometimes we ride along on waves of joy. At other times we experience waves of temptation. And still other times involve waves of doubt and confusion. But through it all, there is One we can turn to who is able to turn the tide.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's Massive Blind Spot

Michael Brown

This is the world in which Mark Zuckerberg lives, because of which it is totally understandable that he has such a massive blind spot when it comes to Facebook's political identity. Of course it has an extremely liberal identity. What else could he expect?

Living a Life of No Compromise

Joyce Meyer

It's an honor for us to be chosen by God to be alive at this time on the earth. God has a great purpose for each of us, but if we're going to fulfill His plans and the "assignments" He's created us to accomplish, we have to make up our mind how we're going to live every day.

Christians: Don't Give in to Compromise

Greg Laurie

In the New Testament book of Revelation, Jesus had specific words for a church that was engaged in compromise. This church was located in the city of Pergamum, the capital of Asia.

The Miracle of the Christian Life

dan delzell opinion page

Can you think of one miracle you have performed? Just one. Take your time. Think back over your entire life, and see if you can remember one occasion when you performed something supernatural.


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Displaced Iraqi Christians

ISIS' Genocide Against Christians Escalates in Iraq, Syria; ACLJ Demands UN Take Action

The fight to protect Christians and other religious minorities from genocide at the hands of the ISIS has intensified, with the U.N. being called to take immediate action, the American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed.


Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch

11 States Sue Obama for Turning Schools Into 'Laboratories for a Massive Social Experiment' With Transgender Bathroom Directive

Eleven American states have filed a lawsuit against President Barack Obama's administration and its recent directive to public schools calling for transgender students to be allowed to use the bathrooms of their choosing.


Church Growth Expert Weighs In on Craig Groeschel's Warnings on Churches Growing Too Fast

An expert on helping churches grow their ministries agrees with the recent comments by Life.Church Pastor Craig Groeschel's view that churches need to be careful in adding new campuses.

Social Club Misfits
(Photo: Facebook/SocialClubMisfits)

Social Club Misfits Taking Message of Jesus Christ Mainstream (Interview)

Social Club Misfits, known for their Christ-centered hip-hop, talk about the importance of honor and respect as they boldly venture into mainstream music with their radical faith.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
(Photo: Reuters/Chris Wattie)

Canada May Ban Anti-Transgender Speech With 2 Years in Prison

Canada's Liberal Party government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced a bill that would ban transgender discrimination, including both gender identity and gender expression, with up to two years in prison for violators.

Chad Robichaux
Screenshot/I AM SECOND

Former MMA Champion Shares How Christ Saved Him From PTSD, Suicide, Infidelity

In a new "I Am Second" video, a former U.S. Marine and Pro MMA champion Chad Robichaux speaks honestly about his struggle with anger, hatred, brokenness, adultery and being suicidal as a result of a post-traumatic stress disorder, and how his wife's prayers in church led him to Christ and he went on to found Mighty Oaks Warrior Program.