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Willow Creek: We Are Not Paying Bill Hybels' Legal Fees; Anonymous Donor Funding Investigation

Willow Creek Community Church has added a FAQs page on its website that addresses the investigation of sexual abuse women allegedly suffered at the hands of its founder and former pastor Bill Hybels.




Should Your Past Sins Disqualify You Today?


Supreme Court nominee Brent Kavanaugh has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman more than 35 years ago, a charge which he "categorically and unequivocally" denies. Also implicated in the charge was Kavanaugh's teen friend at that time, Mark Judge, who also denies the accusation. But what if the charges are true? Do they disqualify Kavanaugh today?


What Does It Mean to Be Evangelical? And Is It Worth Defending?


I grew up viewing the term "evangelical" as a guarantee of quality. I believed that evangelicals were the most faithful and orthodox followers of Christ and that they offered the closest approximation of the New Testament church. But while I regularly used the term "evangelical" to identify "good" Christianity, I would have been hard pressed to give a concise definition of the term. So what, exactly, does it mean to be an evangelical?

If Bob Woodward Is Right How Should We Vote?

If Bob Woodward's Trump-bashing, mega-bestseller is true, how should conservatives vote in the midterms? If the White House is in chaos, led by an unqualified and out of control president, what course should we take on November 6?


Here's a Useful Survey on Americans' Abortion Views

Public support for Roe v. Wade is a very poor metric for measuring support for legal abortion. Many Americans do not know that Roe made it remarkably difficult for states to place limits on late-term abortions, and many are unaware that reversing Roe would return abortion policy to the states.


The Gospel Is the Answer to All Injustice


We live in a world of injustice. Murder, theft, racism, abuse, and oppression are all around us, and Evangelical Christians are currently involved in an internal discussion about the best way we should address such injustice in the world, based on our common Christian beliefs.

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What Kids Need Most From Their Parents


Over the years as a pastor, I've talked with people on their deathbeds and have often heard the same thing from parents: If they had it to do all over again, they would spend more time with their children and their spouse.


A Time to Speak Up for Immigrants, Refugees


When we think of biblical stories or passages about time, few of us turn to Esther. The situation in Esther's time was similar, if not worse. A sizeable population of immigrant Jews remained in the land of Persia. They were sojourners, temporary residents, foreigners or aliens without the rights of citizens.