US Evangelical Leaders and Megachurch Pastors Visit Jerusalem, Pray in Magdala

More than a dozen evangelical leaders and megachurch pastors from the United States have come together in the biblical city of Jerusalem this week to meet with political, religious and business leaders and to experience parts of Israel they have never seen before.

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Joanna Gaines Says She Was Bullied for Being Half Asian, but God Used Her Insecurity to Help Other Women

Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV show "Fixer Upper" has opened up about being bullied at school as a child because she's half Asian, and said God used that experience to lead her to help other women in pain.



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The World Is Watching and So Is God


Students today are much different because of the latest cultural disruption — the smartphone. This age is one of instant and unrelenting technology that beams terrorism, radical political division, financial and environmental destabilization at us 24/7 in the palm of our hand. We can't escape seeing and knowing. Young minds can't escape bullying or the threat of becoming ostracized as texting and social media overpower their ability to be individuals.