Christian Dad Shares How Family Moved to Africa After Feds 'Sabotaged' Daughter's Adoption

A Christian father, who along with his wife and three children, moved to Africa in 2013 after the U.S. government refused to let them bring home their newly adopted daughter from Uganda, spoke Friday what it means to act on God's convictions despite not knowing exactly what The Lord is calling for.


Former Pro-Choice Atheist Tells Evangelicals for Life How God Transformed Her

Trillia Newbell, an author and director of community outreach for the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, shared her testimony Friday morning with a large group of evangelicals right before the start of the 2018 March for Life.

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Sorry, But Profanity Is Still Profane

Maybe we can't stop the world around us from being worldly, but we can certainly step higher ourselves. Our calling is not to join in the ever-encroaching darkness. It's to shine brightly like lights.


Stop Trying to Get God to Like You


Hopefully, at some point, the power of God's love will overwhelm you to the point that you would never settle for God merely liking you! Strive for more. Don't settle, until you settle in the depths of the Father's love for you.


Does Christianity Produce Agnostics?

While discussing religion with Stephen Colbert on the "Late Show," Ricky Gervais described himself as an "agnostic atheist." Gervais said, "No one knows if there's a God, so technically, everyone's agnostic. We don't know. An agnostic atheist is someone who doesn't know if there's a God or not, as no one does."

Racism and Abortion Have Plenty in Common

It's hard to believe there ever was a time in our country when the racist subjugation of one group of people was not considered a grave injustice. Such evil was never because of Christianity but in spite of it. This same error today, I believe, is being made with respect to abortion.