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  • Hollywood’s most Oscar-worthy treatment of rape

    The reality is that vengeance doesn’t satisfy justice. By its very nature, it cannot. Vengeance is unjust, and no amount of injustice can correct a previous act of injustice. As such, the revenge fantasy film is just that—a fantasy that allows audiences a false sense of catharsis.

  • Solomon on ‘woke capitalism’

    Those of us who appreciate the free market in a free economy, where the civil leaders are restrained to enforcing fair and predictable rules that everyone can operate by, might be tempted to think that the wise should tend to succeed. If so, then our present situation of Leftist Corporate culture and advocacy is hard to understand.

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Lecrae, Prison Fellowship urge Christians to remember those in jail: 'We serve a God of second chances'

The world’s largest evangelical prison ministry, Prison Fellowship, has teamed up with popular artists in Christian music, including Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae, in its annual effort to highlight the month of April as “Second Chance Month.” 

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