Steven Begakis

Op-ed Contributor


  • The beauty of limited atonement

    Did Jesus die for the sins of people who are suffering in hell right now? It’s an important question and one that Protestants have been debating for over 400 years.

  • David French is 'disquieted' about the death of Roe

    With the benefit of hindsight, every Christian in America — even those who agreed with David French and followed his lead — can now say with a sigh of relief, “Thank God the country didn’t listen to David French.”

  • Tim Keller is wrong about abortion

    We should pray that Christian pastors and leaders like Tim Keller speak clearly and forcefully about these truths — the truth about what abortion is, and that saving unborn lives is worth the cost of upset members, uncomfortable conversations, and split congregations.

  • On this Constitution Day, recommit to upholding the Constitution

    This Friday is Constitution Day, a national holiday to commemorate the federal constitution. Christians should take this day as an opportunity to obey the Apostle Paul’s teaching in Romans 13 and commit to honoring our constitution.

  • One year after George Floyd, are Christians preaching the Gospel?

    Is the central message of American evangelicalism today that God opposes racism, or is it the good news that God offers salvation to those who are guilty of racism? Over the last year, the moralistic message of the “Black Lives Matter” movement has too often eclipsed the Christian message of God’s salvation.