We were here when medical science lost its mind

One day, when sanity returns to the world, we will be able to tell a future generation, “We were here when science lost touch with reality. We were here when the medical profession lost its mind. We were here when feelings displaced biology.”



Is there a pro-life evangelical argument for Biden?

A group of pro-life evangelicals argued in favor of voting Joe Biden into the White House. Do their examples of Democratic post-birth policies really outweigh the fact that more than 60 million babies have been aborted?

Defend free speech from the Mob, because your beliefs are next

Today, by far, the preeminent threat to free speech is the Internet.

Pastors, watch out. John Roberts is wrong and it matters.

Roberts’ decision is contrary to over two centuries of legal precedent, which has recognized that churches and religious gatherings have special protections and the state must show “a compelling interest” in order to limit it.

COVID-19: When the Information Age made things worse

As we all watch the financial market downturn again try to statistically eclipse the 1929 Crash, it seems appropriate to consider once more whether the vaunted Information Age will be a benefit to modern society or its worst enemy. 

Christianity Today and the problem with 'Christian elitism'

CT’s disdainful, dismissive, elitist posture toward their fellow Christians may well do far more long-term damage to American Christianity and its witness than any current prudential support for President Trump will ever cause.

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