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CP World Report: Egypt Parliament, Terrorist Threat, Libya, Twitter

The highest court in Egypt has overturned a decree by President Mohammed Morsi to recall parliament . Morsi had issued the decree in defiance of a military council ruling that dissolved parliament. Members of parliament gathered for a brief session before the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court was announced.

CP World Report: Obamacare, Christian Persecution, Syria

Obama-care "mandates" all Americans to buy health insurance, or face hundreds of dollars of fines. This was a mandate fiercely contested by 28 Republican-controlled states. They sued the Obama administration all the way to the Supreme Court, claiming that it had no right to force people into insurance programs.

CP World Report: Saudi Arabia Prince, Luka Magnotta, Israel Deportation, Iranian Christian Converts

Saudi Arabia has a new Crown Prince. Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz has been named, putting him next in line to the throne of the oil-rich kingdom. He is 76 and keeps his post as Defense Minister and also becomes deputy Prime Minister. The death of Salman's brother – previous Crown Prince, Nayef bin Abdulaziz – was announced over the weekend. Reports say he was suffering from frail health.

CP World Report: Egypt Election, Syria, Evangelical Code of Ethics, Washington Gay Marriage

Egypt's supreme court has deemed last year's election unconstitutional and has ordered that parliament's lower house be dissolved, with new parliamentary elections to follow. Many of the seats ruled unconstitutional were won by the Muslim Brotherhood. In a separate ruling, the court also decided that former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq can continue to run for president in elections this weekend.

CP World Report: Creationism, Internet Porn, Religious Freedom Rally, Abortion Case

Creationism is gaining ground in South Korea. Efforts to challenge and even remove the theory of evolution from the school system in South Korea have been gaining ground after a petition last month seeking to make textbook changes. The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has now revealed that publishers will start producing revised editions of textbooks without examples of evolution. Christians in South Korea are still a minority but are rising in numbers.

CP World Report: Egypt Constitution, Bible Translation, Wisconsin Recall, Venus Transit

Today is the deadline for Egypt's political parties to finalize the formation a100-member panel to write a new constitution. Egypt's ruling military council issued an ultimatum, stating if the deadline isn't met, it will draw up its own blueprint. The process has been deadlocked since the Islamist-dominated parliament tried to stack parliament with its own people, leading to a walkout by secular and liberal members and the disbanding of the panel by a court order.