Man Gives Homeless Man 'Winning' Lottery Ticket Worth $1,000 - His Reaction Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: MagicofRahat/YouTube)

We last saw YouTube prankster/magician Rahat Hossain leaving bystanders in disbelief by appearing to walk on water in a fountain. In his latest video, Hossain goes about fooling one homeless man in a heartwarming way.

Through a friend, Hossain heard good things about a homeless gentleman in his neighborhood, so he sets up a ruse to help him out. The YouTube star tells the man that he doesn't have any cash to give, but he does have a winning lottery ticket he'd like to give him. He also offers to accompany him to the convenience store. The man isn't sure about taking this prize off Hossain's hands, but he reluctantly accepts.

At the store, the man presents the 'winning' ticket, but here's the rub: The ticket's not a winner. However, the store clerk is in on the ruse, and he gladly announces the ticket holder has won $1,000 and counts it out.

The man turns to Hossain and offers him a cut of the money. "This right here is enough for me," he says as he splits the winnings. "I would like to share it with you, big guy."

Hossain refuses, but the man insists. However, Hossain rebuffs him for good, and the enormity of the situation hits home. It's not just a cute prank. It's not just a feel-good viral moment. This is a huge, life-changing moment in the man's life, and he reacts accordingly. You may, too.