You'll Cry Watching This Military Mom, Gone 8 Months, Surprise Her Son During a Basketball Game (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: KSAT)

USAF Lt. Col. Cotina Jenkins-Sellers missed Christmas with her family. She missed all of her 13-year-old Derrick's football season. In all, she missed the last eight months of life with her family to serve her country in Kuwait. On Thursday, she returned home to San Antonio and reunited with Derrick in a sweet and surprising way.

While Derrick played a basketball game at Legacy Middle School, Jenkins-Sellers snuck into the gym. With the help of coaches and officials, it was arranged that Derrick would shoot free throws while his mother approached behind him. When Derrick misses the second free throw, his mother announces, "Oh, that's alright, Derrick!"

He turns, then runs away in shock before collapsing to the ground in tears. As she kneels down to hug him, Jenkins-Sellers tells her son, "Mama missed you."

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