Timothy George

CP Guest Contributor


  • Unsentimental Christmas

    We like our Christmas stories told with other animals, friendlier animals like sheep, oxen, and donkeys. We want the manger without the mess, Bethlehem without Calvary, gentle Mary meek and mild—not an unwed teenage mom, a peasant girl writhing in pain as the red dragon lurks. But in Jesus Christ God gives us an unsentimental Christmas.

  • Chuck Colson Would Be Proud of Billy Graham's 'Endorsement'

    Chuck Colson Would Be Proud of Billy Graham's 'Endorsement'

    I was in Europe when I first heard of Billy Graham's "endorsement" of Mitt Romney. I was skeptical of this report because I knew that Graham was not in the habit of endorsing a particular candidate for any political office. When I saw a copy of Billy Graham's statement, it made a lot more sense.

  • Thoughts From an Evangelical on the Upcoming Elections

    How should an evangelical Christian decide who to support in this election? There is a difference between Christian discernment and partisan politics. The Kingdom of Christ cannot be equated with any political party.