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Sunday, April 21, 2019

New government data show that nearly one-third of pregnancies among women aged 20 through 24 in England and Wales resulted in abortions in 2017.

A large Illinois church will host an Easter weekend event on its property that will feature a helicopter dropping 30,000 Easter eggs.

James MacDonald, founder of Harvest Bible Chapel in greater Chicago, who was recently fired under a cloud of financial abuse, was allegedly being paid nearly a million dollars per year in regular salary, had access to approximately a million more in discretionary spending, and is currently owed $2.6 million in deferred compensation by the debt-ridden church.

The Pilgrim’s Progress is perhaps one of the most disturbing and convicting allegories in history that has become a staple in Christian homes around the world for centuries. Now, the iconic book is hitting the big screen in a CGI-animated adaptation just in time for Easter.