Arie From 'The Bachelorette' Cut After Emily Learns Painful Secret? (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Bachelorette," Emily Maynard stunned contestant Ryan by sending him packing after their one-on-one date. It has been revealed, though, that another contestant, Arie, will be cut from the show after Emily learns of a painful secret.

The big secret is that Arie once dated "The Bachelorette" producer Cassie Lambert in 2003. Emily and Cassie were reportedly quite close, and a source told Us Weekly that Cassie "was Emily's confidante. Emily felt betrayed." It also means doom for Arie, whom Emily also feels betrayed by.

"She was livid," the source revealed. "She cut him right then and there, her ego was shot." All of this comes at a time when Arie is purportedly one of the last two men standing, asking for Emily's hand in marriage. He was one of the early frontrunners on the show, sharing a considerable amount of time with the bachelorette.

Chris Harrison, host of the series, has described next week's episode as "the most romantic week, but also very intense. Emily does find out about the relationship Arie had with our producer and we deal with that. It's very straightforward, we show clips and raw footage, we just show viewers what we have and the conversation that took place."

One of Arie's friends has spoken out about the incident, saying, "What's been reported isn't what really happened. Not even close." She has not revealed, though, whether Arie does stay until the finale.

Emily dumped Ryan for his lack of familial interest and said that she trusted her heart and instincts throughout this process. It's a decision that stunned Ryan himself, as he was left to plead for the rose that would allow him to continue on in the competition.

While the men on the show were left to celebrate Ryan's eviction, Harrison also reveled in her decision.

"It was a big hurdle for her to realize this is not right because she's very attracted to him and part of her wanted to say yes, but she has too many good guys here," the source said.

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