Asus Smartwatch Release Date, Specs Rumors: September 2014 Launch, But iWatch, Moto 360 Will Offer Stiff Competition


Asus is taking big strides into the wearable device market and is slated to launch its own Android Wear smartwatch this September at the International Franchise Association in Berlin (IFA 2014).

Asus released an announcement about the smartwatch line earlier this year at the Google I/O Conference, promoting that the main difference it will have with its competitors is the reduced price tag.

Then earlier this month, Asus posted a tweet that indeed hinted at the company releasing a smartwatch at the IFA 2014.

"Something #Incredible is going to happen at #IFA2014, see you there!" the tweet says.

Unlike most other smartwatches on the market that currently go for around $300, the Asus smartwatch will be priced somewhere between $99 and $149. There are no in depth details yet to the specs of the Asus smartwatch but it will have an AMOLED display and specs close to the Galaxy Wear and LG's G Watch.

The month of September is looking to be busy with a plethora of new gear releases by various tech giants. For one, Motorola is looking to release a number of new hardware like its new Moto X ang G smartphones for the month of September.

Also, the company is now looking to set the release date for their much hyped Moto 360 smartwatch for September, so Asus might want to watch out for that.

Of course, the biggest threat to the smartwatch's success will be Apple's release of the new iPhone 6 and perhaps the much-hyped but super secretive iWatch.