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Bill O'Reilly: Christian Tradition Under Attack as Schools Ban 'Easter'

Bill O'Reilly: Christian Tradition Under Attack as Schools Ban 'Easter'

Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly has slammed secular progressives for continuing their attack on Christian traditions through the banning of the word "Easter" in some public schools as students get ready to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

In a video posted on Thursday, O'Reilly named the East Meadow School District in Long Island, N.Y.; Prospect Heights Public Library, Ill.; Manhattan Beach School District, Calif.; Flat Rock Elementary School, S.C.; and West Shore School District, Pa., among public institutions which have banned the use of "Easter."

The institutions, he noted, have replaced the traditional Easter celebration with a more politically correct, "Spring Egg Hunt."

"No 'Easter!' They're having Spring Egg events. Moderated by a Spring Bunny, at least in San Diego. I know it's stupid, you know it's stupid. But it's happening and there's a reason why it's happening," said an animated O'Reilly.

"Secular progressives are running wild with Obama in the White House. They feel unchained, liberated and they're trying to diminish any form of religion. Their goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs," he added.

He pointed out that secular progressives were also pushing for women in America to be allowed to have abortions for any reason and at any time. Traditional Christian values, however, are preventing that from happening.

"… You can't terminate a baby in this country that's about to be born without a damn good reason," said O'Reilly. "If you do perform a late-term abortion here, you could be charged with murder. SPs hate that."

He further pointed out that secular forces were also pushing to enact laws "that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested."

"If the far left can marginalize Santa and the Easter Bunny, they can tell the children, 'those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary' they set the stage for a totally secular society in the future and that's what you have in Scandinavia. And that's why the Easter Bunny is on the run in America," warned O'Reilly.

In his discussion of the move to ban references to the word "Easter" in celebrating the Christian holiday at these public institutions, Kyle Olson agrees that the move is a shot at Christian tradition.

"Does it matter that they're detaching 'Easter' from "egg hunts?" After all, the original significance of the day has nothing to do with bunnies, candy or hunting painted eggs," he asked before stating: "It does, because 'culturally sensitive' bureaucrats are further secularizing America by wiping Christian names off traditional community events."

"Like Christmas, Easter has become increasingly commercialized. But by continuing to embrace the Christian rooting, we're remembering the real reason for the holidays," he noted. "As secular progressives remove the meaning, they're becoming nothing more than Hallmark holidays and we're becoming an increasingly ungrounded society."

Easter in America and around the world typically celebrates the resurrection of Jesus as found in the New Testament of the Bible.

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