Friday, March 23, 2012
Carnie Wilson Surgery for Weight Loss, Again

Carnie Wilson Surgery for Weight Loss, Again

Singer Carnie Wilson has been very open about her weight loss struggles, and recently admitted to having a second surgical procedure to help her shed the pounds.

The 43-year-old singer underwent lap-band surgery in January, reported People magazine. Back in 1999, Wilson has gastric bypass surgery after she had ballooned to 300 pounds.

After the gastric bypass, Wilson lost 150 pounds- but her weight struggles continued.

"Having children derailed me a bit," said the singer to People in 2010. "I'm just frustrated with these pounds."

She is hoping the second surgery does the trick. Since the lap-band procedure earlier this year, Wilson reported she has lost 30 pounds.

"It was the right decision for me and I'm doing really well so far," said the singer, according to People. "It's all about taking good care of myself."

The former Wilson Phillips singer cited her daughters; Lola, 6, and Luciana, 2, as the reason she underwent a second procedure.

"I have to be a teacher to my daughters," Wilson explained while on "Dr. Oz."

"Lola started to notice commercials on TV with people who are trying to lose weight, and she looks at me. She's thinking about this stuff, and it's getting to her."

Over the years, Wilson has made a career out of her weight problems. The singer posed for Playboy in 2003 while slim, and in 2003 appeared on the reality series "Celebrity Fit Club."

The reality show "Carnie Wilson: Unstapled" aired on in 2010.

Also in 2010, Wilson was released as a spokesperson for a weight-loss food delivery service Fresh Diet after the singer continued to gain weight on the diet.

"Carnie Wilson was let go as a spokesperson for The Fresh Diet after losing only 19 lbs. on the program- and then gaining it all back (plus some) after she launched her own cheesecake company," said Fresh Diet spokesperson Ezzy Cuchmann, according to Star.

Wilson Phillips is releasing their new album, "Dedicated," in April, and the group will appear on the TV Guide Network's reality show, "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On," which premieres April 8.