Chicken Lays Giant Egg: Video Shows 2 Yolks and Another Egg Inside (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A hen has laid a giant egg containing 2 yolks and another egg.

A chicken has laid a giant egg containing two yolks as well as another perfectly formed egg inside, stunning villagers in one Chinese village.

Villagers in Guizhou, Southwest China were reportedly left speechless after the hen laid the enormous egg, and were even more dumbfounded after it was cracked open to reveal two yolks and another egg inside.

The giant egg was approximately three times the size of a regular egg and it was recorded as weighing almost half a pound.

The amazing egg was laid at a similar time to another in Cheltenham, England, which also amazed locals. The Cheltenham egg's weight was just shy of the world record weight for an egg at about 130g or 4.6 ounces.

The hen in the England case was owned by a man named Jeremy Power.

"Sadly it's not a world record, ours comes in at about 130g (4.6oz) whereas there are eggs on record of 160g (5.6oz)," he said, according to the BBC. "It's all a bit of a dodgy world really in that there's no one to actually authenticate the weight of an egg."

A regular egg weighs about 2 ounces, so in this case it was more than double that weight.

Power has added, "On YouTube there is video - which I don't think is a fake - of an egg that size being opened up and inside is another egg," he said. "The question is what is inside our egg. I think I'll have to video us opening it up just in case there's a surprise in there."

Here is a video of the giant chicken egg in China that contained two yolks and another fully formed egg: