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Christian Publisher Takes Aim at Controversial Topics in Tracts: Yoga, Catholic Influence, Mysticism and More

Christian Publisher Takes Aim at Controversial Topics in Tracts: Yoga, Catholic Influence, Mysticism and More

Controversial issues in the evangelical and Protestant church are getting a unique approach with Lighthouse Trails Publishing as they produce tracts for Christian believers to discuss.

"The Booklet Tracts are unique in two ways: first, they are not the traditional small tract size but are the size of an average book (but with only 14-18 pages) on a high quality gloss paper; and two, they are addressing issues that are not being published by most other Christian publishers today," a press release said.

Some of the topics covered in the Booklet Tracts are: "Yoga and Christianity - Are They Compatible?" "Energy Healing," "Israel (on Replacement Theology)," "Rick Warren's Daniel Plan," "Protecting Children From Sexual Predators," "Signs of the Emerging Church Coming Into a Church," "Roman Catholic Influence," "Mysticism in the Church," "Native Spirituality" and more.

The Booklet Tracts launched in January and have sold over 35,000 already.

"We have come to believe there are many believers out there who are concerned about these issues that other publishers aren't addressing," said Lighthouse Trails chief editor David Dombrowski in a release.

Husband and wife team David and Deborah Dombrowski began Lighthouse Trails 11 years ago after they learned mystical spirituality was infiltrating the church through Spiritual Formation programs, and no one seemed to be warning believers about it.

The publishing house now has 35 authors and editors with around 20,000 people as well as numerous ministries and organizations reading and supporting them. Not only do they produce books, Booklet Tracts, and DVDs, they also began Lighthouse Trails Research Project in 2004. The project provides free articles, research, documentation, a free weekly e-newsletter to visitors of the website, and as of this year a subscription-based print journal.

The Booklet Tracts are made affordably so they could be purchased in bulk and handed out with each book going for $1.95. Quantity discounts can be as much as 50 percent off.

There are currently 24 different topics being covered with 10 more planned before the end of the year.

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